Survival Mode

That is what I've been in. Our move really couldn't have gone smoother. But, since Cameron had only a day before he had to be back in Colorado, I've been left with all the work. From unpacking to living without a fridge for four days (I had to buy a bag of ice everyday - just another thing on the to-do list) to ordering blinds and having them installed (sounds like no big deal, but I DARE you to try to work with some of those Mtn. Home business'. It's ridiculous - thank goodness for Boise) to wading through a flooded garage (thanks to an over-active water heater) to save the boxes that were supposed to "wait until later" to be unpacked. And on top of it all dealing with a couple minor health issues that are likely to resolve but making life that much more daunting.

It's been an adventure, to be sure. And, I'm tired! I'm hiding out in Utah with my family until Cameron gets finished in Colorado. He'll be done the second week of August.

It's been great to be here where I've had a lot of help with the kiddos. I've seen lots of family and friends.

I'm excited to get settled in Mountain Home and meet my neighbors. It will be so so awesome to be a family again and I'm especially looking forward to the first time in my married life my husband will actaully be off work when he's off work.

But for now, I'm really starting to enjoy "survival mode".