"Potty" Training

Yes... We have embarked on a new adventure - the toilet! Austin is so proud of himself that he can't even stand it. It's been less than a week and although, he still averages 1 accident a day, thankfully always in a "pull up", he's really catching on. I don't know why I stress the little stuff - I was so worried he would be tough to potty train but it's not so bad. Lesson of the day: don't worry about it, when the time is right and with the right amount of patience and endurance anything can be accomplished - yes even the dreaded potty training.


The Cute Little Things He Says

I just had to write this because for some reason (probably that I'm his mom!) I thought it was SO cute. Austin's had a hard time going to Nursery at church since Cameron and I got released from being his teachers. On Sunday when we were getting ready for church he started with his usual, "but I don't want to go to nursery, I don't like it." But then the greatest thing - "Wait! Can I sing Nursery songs? With my Nursery boys? AND my Nursery Dads? Yeah, I love going to Nursery!" SO cute the way he said it; I just had to write it down somewhere!


T Ball

Here's Landon's new favorite past time. Austin participates by playing soccer during the games. I love Landon's tongue sticking out as he runs home (even if the picture is blurry). By the way... IF anyone reads this and they care... I'm working on the CUTEST scrapbook for all the kids school stuff. It's a book for preschool through 6th grade. When I get my pictures back and put in I'll post some pictures. Having a place to put all those "precious" little papers they bring home beats the heck out of them all over your house.