FHE at Lake Mcbride

Well, Cameron didn't dust my plant ledges while I was gone like I wanted him to, but he did find a great spot for us to spend Family Night. Last night we went to Lake Mcbride and it was so much fun. Such a cute little spot to rent paddle boats and paddle around the lake (as if you could paddle around the whole thing...those boats are NOT meant to go fast!!). Just two words of advice - BUG SPRAY and BRING YOUR OWN LIFE JACKETS (those ones were naa-stee!) All in all, though, it's a great way to spend Family Night.


How can being this happy make me so sad?

I love seeing all of the pictures of my darling, gorgeous, grandsons. They make me so happy. However, I long to be around more to see them in their daily lives. Keep the pictures coming, we miss you guys so much. Like I said, Heavenly beings just might have ripped me off in the department of being a grandma! Love, Grandma Smedley (That sounds so old to say that!)
The bag is amazing Kendra! I am proud of you especially since you never took a sewing class in your life.
If I could figure how to get this to say posted by Cathy it would be great. Maybe you can fix it for me and tell me how to do it better in the future!


Opinions Needed

Landon wanted a scripture bag like Amaya's and Ellie's from primary. So I made him this man bag. I'm actually pretty proud of myself... It's the first time I've ever sewn anything from a pattern before. I didn't know I knew what interfacing was! Although it's not perfect I think it's pretty good for my first attempt. Anyway... The problem I have with it is I feel like it looks to "pursey" for a boy. I'd like to shorten the handles but I don't want to take the whole thing apart. Should I cut the handles and patch them or will that just look dumb. Or maybe it doesn't look to "pursey" what do you think?

My Family and Me

We love being with our families...The only thing that would have made our trip to Utah better would have been if Cameron was with us. Everyone missed him. My only question... why does Landon stop smiling every time he sees the camera? He was on a "looking cool" kick. I didn't know it could start so young. Oh well I know he had fun even if he has his "cool" face on!


Some Tough Action

Landon is always having an adventure! This is just some of the fun he had while we were in Utah. I was really impressed with his bravery. I couldn't believe how he took to the motorcycle. NO FEAR. On the tramp at Park City he had no problem doing back flips. The climbing wall was a little scary the higher he got but with a little coaxing he was repelling like a Pro
(o.k. - a five year old Pro!). Oh and don't get me started on his swimming. As long as his life jacket was zipped up he was in the water. Tube, Water Weenie, or just swimming the kid was not afraid. Gone is the timid, stand back little boy. He has become a kid with a mission: Have Fun and Don't take No for an answer.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Water Slides
Wearing "Big Boy" Undies
Any Ride that's not TOO Fast
Playing in the water and especially throwing sand