April Favorites

This month we traveled to Utah to help Grandma Smedley get her house ready to put up for sale.  I found lots of my baby pictures and took pictures of them so I could have them.  Ella may or may not have my little baby nose! Hard to say, but I think she does :)

Love this little thing!

Sick again!  Tough spring, as far as illness goes.

Landon brought home a King Size candy bar from his teacher!

she discovered lipstick

She would wear this dress everyday if she could!  Grandma Meier made it for her.

we are into bike rides lately

painting, painting, painting: all day long

He finally grew out of nap time.  (Bummer!)  We've graduated to in-bedroom quiet time... 

my oldest boy is growing up way too fast - I kinda love the earphones :)

More allergy appointments - looking forward to Cafe Rio when we're done

April baseball games can be COLD!

Family Bike Ride

First Pinewood Derby for the Austin-man!

GT (Gifted and Talented) Project.  Life size whale built from 200 yds of plastic and duct tape!


How Fleeting the Moments...

I finally took the pictures off my camera from Easter.  Getting ready to post them here, I was struck at how fast my boy has grown up!  I couldn't be prouder of this boy of mine.  He'll be 11 in a few weeks.  Seems like I snapped this picture just yesterday....

...and here he is all grown up

...maybe not quite :)