Proof That I Chose the Right House to Move To

{Pictures Stolen from my friend Colleen's blog}

These 5 couples (minus a Dad who was out of town) played an awesome round of Turbo Cranium while....
These 15 boys and 2 girls (minus the three babies upstairs sleeping and two kids downstairs playing) watched Alvin and the Chipmunks

So much fun!! I'm so glad that I chose the right house and we were able to meet so many fun people here in Colorado. Thanks for the good times, and I challenge you to a Cranium re-match!



* why did this happen: I noticed Landon's size 6 church pants were becoming a little "floody" so I bought another pair in a size 7. Well, I thought so... I SWEAR the tag and the hanger said size 7. So Landon wore them to church and I put the size 6's in the storage bin. After the wash I noticed that his new pants were also looking like floods. I thought I got the pants mixed up and put the wrong ones in storage. I dug the size 6's back out and yes they were size 6. Look at the tags again - both pants are size 6! How is that possible?

* why are the DMV's computer's down? I busted it to get ready, drop off Landon at the bus stop and get to the DMV FIRST THING so I wouldn't have to make my little rascals wait too long in line and when I got there - yes come back tomorrow. WHAT A PAIN

*why do I always have this problem when I buy pears and/or avacados? If I buy them firm they take FOREVER to ripen and if I buy them ripe they are mushy, grainy, and yucky.

*why can't I get a decent picture of all three kiddos together?

*why does Isaac get a rash around his mouth when he eats eggs but the test results show negative for food allergies? (doc says he can still develop antibodies so shun eggs milk and nuts until 3 years old)

*why did I have a bugger in my nose while I was talking to my friend in her driveway? And why did she not just tell me?! AND why did I walk to the bus stop yesterday with my zipper down? Am I turning into an old lady? Am I developing early onset ahlzeimer's?

*why can't the kids eat over their plates? I have to sweep after every meal - I don't but I should.

*why is Landon so good at reading? and why is Austin not interested at all in learning the letters and their sounds?

*why do I love Dorritos? why are they so fattening?

*why have I had a headache for the past three days?

*why did the doctor prescribe such a huge dose of amoxicillan for Isaac's sinus infection? why did that lead to thrush? Is it going to be hard to get rid of? BOIL everything he eats with? and why did I forget to bring Zac's immunization record? I have to go back again to get his shots. why couldn't they just believe me that he was up to date on his shots and give him his next set anyway?

*why isn't the Photoshop program I ordered here yet? I can't wait for it!

*why do I miss my family like crazy? I really want to come visit.

*why does Austin tell me EVERY time I tuck him in, "but I don't like the dark." and I always say, "then close your eyes so you wont see it." and he says okay and goes to sleep. I actually, like our little ritual.

*why doesn't Isaac like the daycare at the gym? Why wont he just play for 45 minutes while I work out? Why does the babysitter always have to tell me try for twenty minutes today, we'll see how he does; 10 - 15 min. later this is what comes over the loud speaker, "[isaac] waaaaa, [baby sitter] will Isaac's mother please come to the day care, [isaac] waaaaaa." Actually, it is getting better. Yesterday I was able to do the eliptical for 20 min. and weights for 10. But I still heard him crying off and on. why?

*why didn't I buy diet coke at the grocery store today? I thought I was being good, but now I really wish I had one. I think it would help my headache.

*why didn't I start shopping at the Commisary sooner? The prices are incredible (at least on most things...)

These are just some questions I had. If anyone knows the answers, please tell me!!

Post Script - Thanks so much for the Diet Coke, Heidi!


My Life With Boys

*small side-note: I've been waiting for my new Photoshop to come in the mail but it's not here yet and I can't wait so here's some good ol' fashioned bad photography coming your way - although the camera is AWESOME - There's a bit of a learning curve and well...I'm still in it!

We have season tickets to the Air Force Academy football games this year. Let me tell ya - fun for all. The kids love the air plane fly-bys and the falcon show during half time. Cameron loves the game itself, and I just like being with my family. I like football too, I guess, but somehow there's always a big guy in front of me that makes it so I can't see, oh well.
This weekend's game was extra fun because it was against Utah. I was a little nervous as we sat down in our seats, amongst a sea of Air Force blue, while Cameron was decked out in a Utah shirt and hat. Luckily, no one tried to beat us up or anything! Cameron was happy to have bragging rights, about Utah's win, at work since he's a Utah alum. Thankfully, the games aren't every weekend because we've developed a game day tradition of Kettle Corn (non-dairy for Austin!!) and Hot dogs during the game. Papa Murphys for dinner after. Lets just say it's a junk food day.

And this is how we spend four nights a week. Landon and Austin are both on Soccer teams, each playing two games a week, so Monday - Thursday here we are. We love it though, because the kids do. It's worth cooking dinner at 4:00, putting it in the fridge during the game, coming home by 7:00 to reheat, eat and TRY to get the kids to bed around 8:00. Seriously, this last Friday was pure bliss - dinner was eaten and cleaned up by 6:30, in time for some frisbee in the back yard. But, back to soccer, yes we love it and yes we can't wait until it's over in the second week of October.

This is a picture of Cameron about 2 minutes after he came in 2nd Place (in his category) in a biathalon. He rode his bike 12 miles and then ran a 5K in 62 minutes. This is what I just love about Cameron: he decides he wants to do something and does it, and not only that but he does it well. How do you do it? The kids and I got up early and ate breakfast in the car to make it to the finish line in time. We got there about 10 minutes before Cameron came in. It was pretty fun to be in the thick of the festivities.

So this my life with boys... I'm learning to embrace it. I enjoy being outside, riding bikes, watching sports, playing sports more than I have my whole life. I used to pretend I liked these things just so I could be tough but now I really do. Who knew that playing catch or goalie or referee would be so fun? Living with boys will do that to ya.


Has it been a year already?!


Could he be any cuter?!

After a Mexican dinner at La Casita ("the pink resteraunt", my kids call it) we came home to pumpkin-carrot cake. Let me tell you it was YUM! Isaac was so cute; he clapped the whole time we sang "Happy Birthday", as soon as the candle was blown out (group effort) we let him dig in. He grabbed a handful right out of the top of the cake but wouldn't eat any until we cut his piece out and put it on his high chair tray. After cake we cleaned Zach off and opened his presents. He LOVES balls and balls are what he got; a ball popper and a Diego blow-up ball pit full of 50 of those plastic ball-pit balls (it seemed like such a good idea: he loves it but let me just tell you there are balls EVERYWHERE, ugh!) and a soccer ball tub toy from Grandma and Grandpa Perigo; I actually attached to the fridge and it's perfect there!



*height: um, opps I forgot to write that down, I'll get it from the doctor but he was in the 89%
*weight: 22.7 pounds
*eats: table food and I just got his blood tested for food allergies as well (I kid you not, he did not make a peep when he got his blood drawn he just sat there and watched the guy stick a needle in his arm - AMAZING)
*gets around by: crawling and cruising, he can crawl up stairs but screams when he looks down and realizes he's stuck. He stands briefly.
*just gave up the paci - a stuffy nose helped with that! I'm so glad I don't have to "wean" him from it
*loves: balls, mom, dad, brothers, baths, Barney, riding in the stroller or bike trailer, eating, being outside, books, "If You're Happy and You Know It"
*description: easy going, happy, seriously joyful, easy to put to bed, observant
*says: mama, dada, ball, banana, num-num (his word for food), cracker, bye, he will usually repeat what you tell him to, as well.

As with my other two boys, this boy is my pride and joy.
Happy 1st Birthday, Zacky! We love you.


Happy Birthday Austin


Austin turned four on the 24th. I love this kid so much! He is such a fun boy to have around. I love the funny faces he pulls. I love the way he makes up stories and songs. I'm always laughing at the way he gets words mixed up, like when he says "expost to" instead of "supposed to". I love the way he loves his brothers. The first thing in the morning he always asks for Toto, Coco, Cokes, or Coco-Isaac (which ever nick name he decides to use that day - he's made them all up and never just calls Isaac Isaac - it's always one of those nick names), next he asks where Landon is and goes wherever that might be even if he has to go wake him up. Austin-boy you are the best. I love you. Happy Birthday.
Here's a Recap


Austin wanted a "cool cake from Walmart". Since he can't eat store bought cakes I did the best I could. Decorating cakes is tough! The kids really liked choosing a piece with sand or water frosting.


These pirate masks were the reason Austin wanted a pirate party. We made oceans in a bottle with the kids. They all loved pouring glitter, sea shells, and jewels into their oceans.


Landon and Austin helped me make the treasure chest the day before the party. It was a fun project to do together and of course they thought it was cool that we were making a treasure chest - they were really worried about how we were going to make the wood look real. I think we did okay.


This picture is blurry but it shows how he had to open his presents one-handed, because of his sprained arm. It didn't slow him down too much, though.


After his party, Cameron wanted to take the kids to a Corvette show. You know my kids and cars. They LOVED it. Landon kept telling us he was having the best day of his life. Austin loved it too. I think, though, that he liked his hot dog as much as looking at the cars. True boy - junk food and cars

This Austin's "REAL" birthday. He got a basket ball hoop, marble track, and spider man play rug. Grandma and Grandpa Perigo sent him a really cool lego truck and Grandma and Grandpa Smedley gave him a telescope this summer as an early birthday present. Thank you