Sunday's POTD

can't decide which one I like better. what do you think?

I'd like to post more - let ya'll know what's been happening around here. trying to spread myself between kids schedules, dr.s appointments, church responsibilities, house work, laundry, shopping trips to Boise (and yes it is a trip: ALL day long on "Boise Day" I'm trying to get in and out of Target, Costco, mall, and what ever other store I have to go to - in a hurry to get back before I have to pick up Landon from school), grocery shopping, actually being a mom - as in quality time with the kids (we've been playing a lot of Guess Who lateley), cooking dinner, getting ready to go to Utah for the weekend, nursing a baby 8 times a day; having a hard time fitting in my blog time. So here's at least something: Sunday's picture of the day.

We made it to church all together for the first time since Ella was born. {We kept her home for six weeks and then we had company and the next week the boys were sick - Austin had to have nebulizer treatments again - I worry about that kid} So, anyway, Sunday was a good day. Went to church. Cam "made" lunch - MRE's, kids loved it. Played around outside. Took naps, watch Snow White, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, helped Landon with homework, skipped the youth fireside I was supposed to go to and played Guess Who with the kids. Good day, nothing special, everyone was just happy to hang out together.



Landon was in his 2nd grade musical a few weeks ago. Grandpa Perigo got to come see - that was a special bonus for him. (And Grandma Perigo got to stay home with Ella so she didn't have to sit in the caugh-filled gym.) The play was fun to watch for me because of all the different faces Landon pulled. He was such a cute little guy up there on stage. I especially loved Landon's whistling debut. {side story: remember They Might Be Giant's "Whistling in the Dark"? That is the story of Landon's life lately. {CONSTANTLY} whistling. He's been in trouble at school a few times because of it. But at least it could be put to good use for the play}
The theme could be summed up in three words: reduce, reuse, recycle
They were supposed to look dirty; like garbage collectors?! Anyway, turned out pretty cute. Love this kid!


An "a-genious" St. Patty's Day

I just {HAD} to post a picture of this cute girl in green. We just keep falling more and more in love with her.

Austin and I made green mint brownies (did you know unsweetened baker's chocolate is non-dairy? makes it easy to give Austin a Benedryl-free dessert). These babies will top off our Corned Beef, green potatoes, and green corn bread dinner... I can smell them baking right now...umm umm good... we made extra so I could take some to Young Women's tonight - lucky me; I get to eat them twice!

Unless something trumps this (I doubt it!) this was the {BEST} part of the day. Yesterday Austin brought home a piece of "gold" from preschool. He wanted me to take it to the bank and cash it for a thousand dollars. I told him it was only leprechaun gold and the bank wouldn't take it. He insisted it was real. I took him and the little kids to the park and luckily he dropped the subject...or so I thought. When we got in the car to go home he asked if he could use his gold for leprechaun bait and make a trap. "then the leprechaun will HAVE to give us real gold... or a thousand dollars."

While I made dinner last night Austin came up with this trap. So CUTE! I love love how he drew a leprechaun on the "trap door" to help lure the real leprechaun in. Other leprechaun bait included green sunglasses placed at the bottom of the Apple Jack's box, green glitter glued to strips of papper and glued to the trap, and of course the "gold" tied to a string so that the trap door would close when the leprechaun tried to take it. He declared his trap "A-GENIOUS" - he meant "INgenious".

So at 3:30 this morning, while I was up with Ella, "Lucky" (a.k.a. me) walked around the trap and put out some good luck charms: actual proof that leprechauns live but just can't be trapped, no matter how fail safe the trap is - or how many green glittery trinkets you put inside it.

The best part? When Austin suddenly remembered the trap during breakfast this morning and yelled, "I'm gonna be cracking up if there's a leprechaun in my trap!" The kids went screeching up the stairs and LOVED that there was cute little footprints all around. Austin's already planning how he can make his trap better next year so he can get a thousand dollars.

Seriously, sometimes I think I MUST have the cutest kids around!