transformers; building forts; going to school; Valentines parties; Landon lost two teeth; Isaac's first food (he LOVES it); Cameron drilled my teeth with NO anesthesia and I didn't feel a thing!! (he's a great dentist!); Panara Bread; Mall; Children's Museum; Building Legos ("Mom, will you take this piece off, will you find this piece, Austin's taking my piece....."); Wendy's; Walmart; Grocery Store; missionaries came over for dinner; snuggling under the covers; reading books; watching movies; Daddy-Son outings ("Resse's Runs"); parent teacher conferences; playing with friends; arcade; carousel; Target; Old Navy 40%off sale; outlets - I finally spent my Christmas money on a Fossil watch, wallet, sunglasses, and Gap outlet (Gotta love the outlets!); Battleship; talking on the phone; visiting teaching; home teaching; elder's quorum meetings; mock practical for the Dental Boards; shoveling snow; digging out the car twice; changing plans because school's been canceled (AGAIN!); Spiderwick movie; Chutes and Ladders; paying bills; putting Zac's socks on again and again; coloring; practicing letters (Austin can write O, B, A, & C); gymnastics; a big one for Cameron - he finished ALL his requirements for graduation!!

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My cute sister-in-law tagged me so here are some things I betcha didn't know:

{10 YEARS AGO} - I was working at an advertising agency as an administrative assistant. I ran for Student Body Office and when I didn't make it I decided to go to early college at WSU. I was pretending NOT to wait for Cameron who had just left on his mission.

5 things on my {TO-DO LIST} today: CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN - oh, and feed my kids 50 times (at least it feels like it!) Actually here it is - fold the laundry in the dryer, take Austin to the children's museum for a church activity, call the doctor and get Austin's Epi-pen prescription refilled because the one I have is expired, put stew in the crockpot and defrost rhodes bake-n-serve rolls early enough for them to actually rise, return some clothes to Old Navy and Target...

{SNACKS} I enjoy: Nacho Cheese DORITOS - Love them. I also love ice cream sandwiches and snickers. When I'm trying to be healthy I love CRISPY apples

What I would do if I were a {BILLIONAIRE}: Pay off our credit cards and student loans; pay the airforce back so we wouldn't owe them any time; take a REAL vacation; start college funds for my kids; pay back my parents for a lifetime of taking care of me; Buy Jared's house for him; Save some; There's a TON of people I can think of helping - family first and then the starving kids in Africa

3 {BAD HABITS}: Going to bed too late; I don't drink nearly enough water; I "vent" to Cameron too much

5 {PLACES} I've lived: Roy, UT; Colorado Springs, CO; Ogden, UT; SLC, UT; Tiffin, IA

5 {JOBS} that I've had: Taco Maker; Epec Advertising; McKay Dee Credit Union; Darci's Hair Salon; Phazes Hair Salon

5 things people {DON'T KNOW} about me: my secret dream is to be famous someday; I want to write a cookbook for people with food allergies; My FAVORITE thing to do at night is fall asleep reading; When I was 10 I started reading my scriptures every night before bed and did it faithfully until I moved out for collage and was too embarrassed to read them in front of my room mate - I REALLY need to start reading them like that again; I'm obsessed with keeping my house clean - from vacuuming the vents to cleaning the crud inside the window seals with a q-tip - sadly, though, it's SO hard for me to fold and put away our laundry (that is the WORST chore in the world)


Tooth Fairy, Cyclops, and Chuba Lubba

Landon lost his first tooth the other day. He was SO excited for the Tooth Fairy to come. He's planning on using the dollar he got from the Tooth Fairy to buy "hot wheels" stuff. He is such a Big Kid lately. He helps with the cleaning - he actually likes to do his chores! He is always looking for ways to help me out, from playing with Zac to making Austin's bed. He is keeping us on track. If it's Monday he reminds us to have FHE. If Cam and I are "discussing" he reminds us that we are a happy family. If Austin is yelling at me in the car Landon reminds him that he needs to let me concentrate. He is a genuine peace-maker and always makes me smile. Austin is a one-of-a-kind kid. He is always making us laugh. He got his CYCLOPS "eye" because he was spinning around with a yo-yo. Just after I told him to settle down - WHAM! Right into the rocking chair. Poor kid. The funny thing is that about ten min. later, there he was again; spinning around with his yo-yo. This is one kid that does not take no for an answer. He's been loving preschool and wants to go everyday. He loves his brothers. He adds a tremendous bit of energy to our family and we love it.
Here's our little Chubba Lubba. He can sit supported and he is beginning to grab anything in his reach. He loves to play with dangly things from toys to phone cords. He is so happy. I am enjoying this sweet baby so much. When he wants to be picked up he kicks his legs really fast and makes the cutest little babbling sound - really, it's the same "words" every time. Cute. We love this kid too.


It's official!!

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