Baseball Season 2013




Is he really only 11?



Arrow Of Light

My Landon received the highest honor in Cub Scouting : The Arrow Of Light Award.
He worked HARD to get this award.  Because football and baseball took up 5 nights a week for a total of 4 1/2 months year and summer fun took up another 3 months he did almost ALL of his Webelos scouting work in 5 months, which usually takes a year.  
When Landon realized he may not be able to get his Arrow of Light award on top of his Webelos rank he made a schedule for himself, set some goals, and worked like a mad cub scouter to make sure he got it in time.  I told him I'd help if he needed it but it was up to him to get his awards if he wanted them.  He learned some lessons about procrastination, time management and goal setting, on top of what he learned while working towards his scouting goals, while also keeping straight A's at school!  I'm proud of him.  *Bragging Mom Moment*  Good Job, Landon!

Simple Ceremony : breaking different size boards with his forearm to represent going from little 'cubs' to the BIG 'boys' :)  I love those smiles!