today's pic of the day: my girl

After lunch I tucked her into her new "big girl" bed.  I tickled her back and sang 'You are My Sunshine' like always.  I said, "Don't grow up, okay?"  She said, "Sorry, Momma.  I already a big girl.  I have to get big and bigger!"  I guess she's right...


one last *halloween* treat

Halloween :: the holiday that never ends... at least at our house.  We celebrate at least three times - school parties, church parties, and the actual day.  It can be exhausting, but worth it. Quotes of the week: "Every one LOVED the popcorn trail mix you brought for my class!"  and "I like decorating our house better than eating the Halloween candy!"  and "I'm the most beautiful ice cream cone!"  and "This was the BEST Halloween EVER!"  and "I wish we could have dinner in a pumpkin every day!"  and "thanks, Mom!" and "I don't like cornbread...unless YOU make it.  This is the BEST!"  Yep, those words make it all worth it.

Since our church Halloween party was on Halloween we had our traditional dinner the day before Halloween.  (I made Chili and cornbread for church.  It was good, but "Dinner in a Pumpkin" is where it's at, I promise.  Try it.  It's the best!  Note to self:  at LEAST three "bones" a person - wowza they loved those)

Pumpkin carving :: I love that they're getting old enough to do most of the work on their own.  They like it too.  Ella, especially, was so proud of her SCARY pumpkin that Austin helped her carve.  Best part for me: roasted seeds... after, family togetherness ;)

I love glowing pumpkins!