Can We Please Have a DO-OVER for 2012?!

Seriously - we really, really need a DO-OVER!  I guess that time will come in 2013.  First things first:  SURGERY went GREATTTT!  I am happy and relieved to say I feel A MILLION times better. ALL {every single one!!} my symptoms are completely gone! But, I'm still recovering.  I needed live in help until about a week ago.  Now, I have no more restrictions from my doc except to take it slow and get rest.  The doctor says that many patients start to feel better right around 3 months post-op, but for some it takes up to a year. (I'm hoping for the 3 month mark!)  When I do too much or don't get enough sleep I get pretty intense headaches and the exhaustion threatens to over take me.  Times are still a little hard.  And I guess they'll get harder before they get better because now it's Cameron's turn:

He has a possible broken wrist (more x-rays on Thursday) and a torn MCL and maybe maniscis.  It happened on a motorcycle.  I'm ready to sell them - good ridence, I say.  He could have died without his helmet.  It's totally smashed.  He's got bruises around his forehead from where his head hit the inside of the helmet.  He can only hobble around.  In fact, the Air Force put him on ORDERS to stay home with his leg elevated until Thursday - we'll find out then about knee surgery, but it seems to be imminent.  Tough times, I tell ya.  But in the midst of the tough times we remind ourselves how blessed we are.  Things could definitely always be worse.  We've had so much help and support from our families.  We could NOT have made it through the last months without them and we love them and are so thankful for them.

 I'm trying to catch up on my 'Pictures of the Day'.  It may not happen this year, but here's a few pics of the couple weeks after I got home from recovering in Utah.  Some POTD's from April:

Landon spent HOURS on his new BMX bike.  The track is too far away for him to ride to so he practices like this.
He also got his Bear Cub Scout award and came in 2nd place in his Pine Wood Derby - 2nd year in a row he's come in 2nd.  He's already planning on how to get 1st next year.

Issac played lots of soccer.  I came home in time to see his last two games.

Landon was excited for his 4th grade field trip.

The kids have also been playing A LOT of baseball.  It cracks me up that Austin's mouth is open every time he hits the ball - I guess that's his "thing"

And Ella turned into my "Little Miss Sassy Pants" during the five weeks I was in recovery.  She grew up SO much while I was gone. I was pretty shocked to hear her singing songs and talking in complete sentences by the time I got home.  She knew all her shapes and colors, too.

It might be another three months until I post again - I don't know!!  I'm really trying to focus on getting the most important things done.  With the kids home for summer, Cameron needing help and me not quite at my full capacity yet, we might just pretend this year never happened and start over in January :)  Actually, no we won't. We'll remember the good times, forget the hard, learn what we can, be grateful for what we have and move on....