Cheap Entertainment

So the kids have been doing some funny things lately. Here's some highlights:

Landon - Picture full on HEAD-BANGING and AIR GUITAR and imagine some hard rock "tune"... Landon's been working on a song for his "band" and this is what he's come up with so far:
Down Down Down in the deep blue sea, all I could see was a picture of me.
I thought it was red but I forgot the sea was blue
The next thing I saw was you.
You took me here. You took me there. Then you took me everywhere.

It's a work in progress. But it's defininitely funny to watch him rock out. I love it!

Austin - This is Austin's version of chasing his own tail. Seriously, it's pretty funny. He does this while I'm getting ready in the morning. You can hear how hard he's breathing; that's because he had been doing this for a good twenty minutes before I even got the camera out. The kid's got stamina!

Isaac - Zac's been staying busy too. He is crawling like crazy. He's constantly in any cupboard that he can open. Literally, IN any cupboard he can open. He's pulling up on furniture now. He can crawl up the stairs and thankfully has only made it up two before I've caught him from falling back down. He chases Landon and Austin around all the time and drives them crazy because he wants to EAT whatever they are playing with. He is already "all boy". He loves balls and is just starting to be able to play "catch" (before he would hold on with a death grip but now he knows if he rolls it to you you will roll it back - unless he's playing with Austin!). He says Dada, cracker, more, all done, hi, and just started saying Mama. It's so cute to hear him talk. I LOVE it!

My kiddos keep me busy; that's for sure. They give me all the entertainment a mom could ever want!

P.S. if your wondering why there are no pictures yet - my external hard drive ate them! I'm not crying yet. Cameron's taking our hard drive to computer guys at work tomorrow. If they can't extract the files then I will be crying... our whole summer was on the hard drive and of course when I downloaded them to it I erased them from our camera. Cross your fingers that they can find them, k?


It's A Dairy Queen Night

It's common for people to eat when they're stressed, right? When I'm stressed I want the good stuff: cookies, candy bars, ice cream, those gross nachos from 7-11... Well, tonight is definitely a Dairy Queen night. I sent Cam out for a Mint Oreo Blizzard. I had to.
So I've had a wonderful weekend. My mom was here Sat - Tues and Cameron's sister Shauntelle and her husband and three kids were here Mon - Wen. I loved having them.

I've been waiting all day to put my kids to bed so I could get some pictures downloaded and ready to blog. There's so much to say - fourth of July, Utah trip, good times with my family. So after dinner I thought I should call the primary president to make sure I'm not supposed to teach my new class on Sunday (I got called to be the 11 year old Sunday School teacher - at least it will help me study my scriptures a little more). Since no one's given me the lesson manual yet I just assumed I wouldn't be teaching... I was wrong of course. So I decided tomorrow would be my lesson planning day.

But then my phone rang and it just happened to be another member of my ward asking me to speak in church on Sunday. Say What? Um... I've got to plan a lesson already and now a talk for Sacrament and it's Thursday night. I need time to prepare people! So much for getting my fun summer documented - it's going to have to wait until next week. For now I will be reading and writing and praying that I will not make a fool of myself on Sunday!

Oh, and as long as I'm griping can I just say... why doesn't my family close closet doors? At any given moment in any given room there is at least one closet door open and it BUGS me. Especially the coat closet in the entry way. I close that door at least five times a day. Help me out kids and close the door (you too Cam!).