Cheap Entertainment

So the kids have been doing some funny things lately. Here's some highlights:

Landon - Picture full on HEAD-BANGING and AIR GUITAR and imagine some hard rock "tune"... Landon's been working on a song for his "band" and this is what he's come up with so far:
Down Down Down in the deep blue sea, all I could see was a picture of me.
I thought it was red but I forgot the sea was blue
The next thing I saw was you.
You took me here. You took me there. Then you took me everywhere.

It's a work in progress. But it's defininitely funny to watch him rock out. I love it!

Austin - This is Austin's version of chasing his own tail. Seriously, it's pretty funny. He does this while I'm getting ready in the morning. You can hear how hard he's breathing; that's because he had been doing this for a good twenty minutes before I even got the camera out. The kid's got stamina!

Isaac - Zac's been staying busy too. He is crawling like crazy. He's constantly in any cupboard that he can open. Literally, IN any cupboard he can open. He's pulling up on furniture now. He can crawl up the stairs and thankfully has only made it up two before I've caught him from falling back down. He chases Landon and Austin around all the time and drives them crazy because he wants to EAT whatever they are playing with. He is already "all boy". He loves balls and is just starting to be able to play "catch" (before he would hold on with a death grip but now he knows if he rolls it to you you will roll it back - unless he's playing with Austin!). He says Dada, cracker, more, all done, hi, and just started saying Mama. It's so cute to hear him talk. I LOVE it!

My kiddos keep me busy; that's for sure. They give me all the entertainment a mom could ever want!

P.S. if your wondering why there are no pictures yet - my external hard drive ate them! I'm not crying yet. Cameron's taking our hard drive to computer guys at work tomorrow. If they can't extract the files then I will be crying... our whole summer was on the hard drive and of course when I downloaded them to it I erased them from our camera. Cross your fingers that they can find them, k?


Kasey said...

Huh? I asked Matt about this and he said you would know if the hard drive failed b/c it would have been clicking. Let me know what you find out about this...I'm kind of freaking out for you!

Oh, and so glad to see your kids are finding ways to stay entertained that don't include TEASING eachother nonstop. You are a lucky girl!

Hillary said...

So sorry about the computer. Looks like your life is like mine, finding a way to keep the kids entertained....how many more days until school starts.....

Brandy & Boyz said...

Oh man! my fingers are crossed! that totally bites!
I loved this entry, though, soo sooo cute!

Andrea said...

Okay- I am loving Landon's song. So glad you wrote that down! I hope you get your pictures back- I am sad for you! My fingers are crossed! (And P.S.- sorry I haven't called you back yet- things have been a little crazy! But I will call soon- I miss you!)

Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

I love it! I would be crying too if I lost the pics. Good luck! I hope you find them!

Steph said...

Hey you better make your computer throw up all those pictures. I was so excited to look at the ones from when you visited! ;)P.S. your boys never cease to make me laugh. Good luck with your pics!

Kerri Whitney said...

Hey so sorry to hear about the pics but hopefully someone can work a miracle! Your boys are so cute ...love the video. Dan enjoyed talking to cameron on sunday! Small world that you are now trading places with Dans college roomate Jon Fisher! When you get a chance I would love the Cafe rio recipes you made for the final gathering!

Garrett and Heather Wood said...

I love your little puppy dog chasing his tail. Boys are so much fun!

MegT said...

Austin is hilarious. Ethan would do the same thing, but first he'd pour out the shampoo so that it would be slippery and he could go faster.