It's A Dairy Queen Night

It's common for people to eat when they're stressed, right? When I'm stressed I want the good stuff: cookies, candy bars, ice cream, those gross nachos from 7-11... Well, tonight is definitely a Dairy Queen night. I sent Cam out for a Mint Oreo Blizzard. I had to.
So I've had a wonderful weekend. My mom was here Sat - Tues and Cameron's sister Shauntelle and her husband and three kids were here Mon - Wen. I loved having them.

I've been waiting all day to put my kids to bed so I could get some pictures downloaded and ready to blog. There's so much to say - fourth of July, Utah trip, good times with my family. So after dinner I thought I should call the primary president to make sure I'm not supposed to teach my new class on Sunday (I got called to be the 11 year old Sunday School teacher - at least it will help me study my scriptures a little more). Since no one's given me the lesson manual yet I just assumed I wouldn't be teaching... I was wrong of course. So I decided tomorrow would be my lesson planning day.

But then my phone rang and it just happened to be another member of my ward asking me to speak in church on Sunday. Say What? Um... I've got to plan a lesson already and now a talk for Sacrament and it's Thursday night. I need time to prepare people! So much for getting my fun summer documented - it's going to have to wait until next week. For now I will be reading and writing and praying that I will not make a fool of myself on Sunday!

Oh, and as long as I'm griping can I just say... why doesn't my family close closet doors? At any given moment in any given room there is at least one closet door open and it BUGS me. Especially the coat closet in the entry way. I close that door at least five times a day. Help me out kids and close the door (you too Cam!).


Andrea said...

I like a nice big oreo blizzard when I am stressed too. In fact, I could go for one right now! I hope everything goes well on Sunday!

runningfan said...

So you got a calling, huh? At least I won't be the only one isolated in Primary! Wow...crazy timing with the talk and the lesson. Garry had three weeks' notice to talk in church! I'm bummed I'll miss it!

Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

I hear you about the doors! Good luck with your talk and lesson! You'll do awesome!

{say.cheese} said...

SO. How did your talk and lesson go? NOW... you can update your blog and I'm SUPER excited to see what you've been up to.

510Jen said...

Amen Kendra I love DQ blizzards I just may need one tonight! Get bloggin I want to see your Utah trip. Miss you girl.

Brandy & Boyz said...

You deserve it. I am totally thinking about you always, you know, the "well, if Kendra can do it with 3 boys, so can I..." or "I think me and Kendra are the only crazy ones out there..."
So, on top of the family...I too have 2 callings, and sometimes, I'm like..."make it three... what the h@**!"

shauntelle said...

funny how each person in their family has their pet peeve or bad habit, isn't it? my bad habits are leaving kitchen cupboards open and leaving shoes on the floor. my pet peeve is that i go around locking doors in the evening and every time i turn around one is unlocked again...i think my fam is trying to make me go crazy!