2nd Grade

I'm so proud of this kid! Landon started 2nd Grade on Monday and loves it. Up until about an hour before school started Landon was telling me he didn't want to go to school unless it was at Prairie Hills (his CO school). We talked about how a boy from Primary was in his new class and I would be driving him so he would have a few minutes to play on the playground before the bell rings and even though he only knew one kid (barely, he had gone to primary only once with the kid) it would only take one day and he would know his whole class.

So, begrudingly he put on his new Star Wars t-shirt (yeah, I know! How could I deny him, though? When we were school clothes shopping he saw it and declared that it would be his first day of school shirt so he could "show off"!) He ate his favorite breakfast (scrambled eggs and sausage). He checked to make sure he had all his school supplies in his backpack. And he gathered up all his courage for a new school year at yet, another new school (his third in three years). By the time we were ready to go he was so excited I could barely get a picture of him (thus the van and lovely garage in the background) and he made me promise, "no pictures at the school" because he didn't the other kids to see. When we picked up Landon from school he couldn't wait to tell us about his great day:
*He made a friend named Zach who has the same hair as him
*All the boys in his class thought his shirt was awesome
*His teacher was really nice and he got to put is name in the "bug jar"
*His music teacher is also his art teacher and she calls everyone dude and dudette
*He wants to bring home lunch from now on because this school doesn't let you get seconds unless you go to the sald bar
*He got a sucker (which he gave to Isaac, who saw it and screamed,"nanie!")
*He says, "school is awesome and I really like the kids in my class."
*He got the most math problems right on the worksheet the class did.

(Landon telling Austin all about his day at school. ".... and Austin, when you go to Kindergarten next year I'll be in third grade and I'll be able to show you all around the school and tell you what you have to do...."

Last night I got a phone call from Mrs Kellerman, Landon's teacher. She said she wanted to tell me that Landon is such a great kid and he's doing really well so far. She's impressed with his reading and addition skills. He's well-liked by the other kids and she's happy he's in her class. I'll take a phone call like that any day!


Lava Hot Springs

We spent last weekend with Cameron's family at Lava Hot Springs. Quite the adventure! The cousins had a blast hanging out and playing together, feeding the animals at the petting zoo, swimming, and going on "15 mile hikes". I didn't take the best of pictures this time around - I was hit with a massive headache the afternoon we got there that lasted the whole weekend. I was kind of lazy, but isn't that what camping is for?!

The best views of the camp site - we all love sitting around the fire at night

My kids need swimming lessons in the worst way! My mom spent a lot of time this summer with them in her pool and they've come a long way but still... Landon swims and then stands up to take a breath and Austin, just look at him: he's holding his breath out of the water!

Cameron and Cordell always have a blast together.

Austin and his buddy (cousin) Tolkien had a great time climbing trees

This is the only way we could get Isaac to nap. A contributing factor to my headache, I'm sure, he did not sleep well in the tent.

Cam took the kids on bike rides. They all cried when it wasn't their turn.

Grandpa Perigo wanted to watch a talent show one night and the grandkids obliged. Here's Landon humming the Star Wars theme as his talent.

Grandma Perigo taught Austin how to jump rope.

Zac loved picking up bugs, squishing them, and then bringing them to show me. Sick! Luckily for you he dropped his dead bug just before I snapped the picture!
I wanted some pictures of the cousins together, like Odessa and Landon playing in their secret hideout and Mashae taking Austin on a hike. But the camera was never out at the right times and like I said, I was feeling a bit lazy. Oh well. We had a great time. Despite, having to hurry back on Saturday to come home and write talks for church on Sunday (yes, we were asked to speak our 2nd week in our new ward) it was worth the drive. All three kids left the campground crying that they wouldn't see their cousins again for a long time. We'll have to make another trip soon.



baby number 4 coming {sometime around} Feb. 7, 2010

excited, nervous, bewildered, happy, wondering what we were thinking, hoping for a girl-expecting a boy {more than happy for either}, grateful, anxious, most-likely our last so trying to enjoy every second, anticipating, waiting

FYI: This little miracle, like everything else this summer, has not come easy. The morning sickness was the worst I've experienced - ever. But more than that, we weren't sure if the baby was going to make it this far. At nine weeks the doctors informed me the placenta wasn't attaching. At the time of ultrasound it was actively bleeding - not a good thing. A week later the bleeding was slowing and I was put on lifting restrictions and told to "rest". With all the craziness of the summer that was a tough order. I'm 15 weeks now and just had another ultrasound - didn't check the placenta again because it was just a quick ("off the record") ultrasound to give me reassurance, but heartbeat is strong and baby is active. I'll have a more indepth ultrasound next week to see if miscarriage risk is gone. Hopefully so.


1,000 Words



Cameron graduated from his AEGD residency program last week with flying colors. He's worked hard and deserves much more than a shout-out on the blog. But for now that's all he gets (unless you count the new mountain bike he bought himself)! Really though, Cam, you did it - I'm so proud of you.

I have to say that for me, though, the best part is he is FiNaLLy on his way home. He'll be here sometime tomorrow and I can not tell you how happy that makes us all.

I am SO not cut out to be a single mom. I won't bore you with the list of disasters I've had to sort through alone. It might just make me cry again! I'll just say I can't even describe how happy I am that this chapter in life is OVER! The kids have only seen Cameron for a weekend the whole seven and half weeks he's been gone. I've seen him for two (luckily, I was able to fly out last minute to see his graduation). It will be great to have a dad/husband around again.

I do need to add a special thanks to my Utah family and friends. Seriously, I could not have made it through this summer without you. Thanks for all the help and support.