Lava Hot Springs

We spent last weekend with Cameron's family at Lava Hot Springs. Quite the adventure! The cousins had a blast hanging out and playing together, feeding the animals at the petting zoo, swimming, and going on "15 mile hikes". I didn't take the best of pictures this time around - I was hit with a massive headache the afternoon we got there that lasted the whole weekend. I was kind of lazy, but isn't that what camping is for?!

The best views of the camp site - we all love sitting around the fire at night

My kids need swimming lessons in the worst way! My mom spent a lot of time this summer with them in her pool and they've come a long way but still... Landon swims and then stands up to take a breath and Austin, just look at him: he's holding his breath out of the water!

Cameron and Cordell always have a blast together.

Austin and his buddy (cousin) Tolkien had a great time climbing trees

This is the only way we could get Isaac to nap. A contributing factor to my headache, I'm sure, he did not sleep well in the tent.

Cam took the kids on bike rides. They all cried when it wasn't their turn.

Grandpa Perigo wanted to watch a talent show one night and the grandkids obliged. Here's Landon humming the Star Wars theme as his talent.

Grandma Perigo taught Austin how to jump rope.

Zac loved picking up bugs, squishing them, and then bringing them to show me. Sick! Luckily for you he dropped his dead bug just before I snapped the picture!
I wanted some pictures of the cousins together, like Odessa and Landon playing in their secret hideout and Mashae taking Austin on a hike. But the camera was never out at the right times and like I said, I was feeling a bit lazy. Oh well. We had a great time. Despite, having to hurry back on Saturday to come home and write talks for church on Sunday (yes, we were asked to speak our 2nd week in our new ward) it was worth the drive. All three kids left the campground crying that they wouldn't see their cousins again for a long time. We'll have to make another trip soon.


shaina said...

Sounds like a really great time. Sorry about your headache. It's hard to enjoy the fun with that pain.
Now you are done speaking in your ward for a while!! Yeah for that.

Colleen said...

Fun pictures! It sounds like a great weekend, and that pool is AWESOME! And even though you weren't feeling well and had to be lazy, at least you got to do it all together! I am so glad Cameron is back with the fam. I miss you guys so much.

runningfan said...

I can't believe how much Isaac has grown up this summer! What a cutie.

Veronica Reeve said...

Kendra congrats on baby #4! Soooo exciting. I'm so sorry you've been sick. I know how it is!! You are an amazing woman and a wonderful mother! Oh and your pictures look great!

Hillary said...

Looks like great fun! I remember visiting there when I was little. Fun times. BTW, Cameron is CRAZY...that jump off the platform looks really high!

Maynards said...

Good ol' Lava Hot Springs! I have many memories there. You were only 20 min. from my house. Crazy!
Sure miss you guys, your boys have grown a lot already.
We are anxiously awaiting the baby gender announcement.

[S Rizzle] said...

LOVE the pix in this post. COngratulations on the new baby! I am so excited!! Call me, I can't find your updated contact information!!

[S Rizzle] said...

LOVE the pix in this post. COngratulations on the new baby! I am so excited!! Call me, I can't find your updated contact information!!

Nic@Nite said...

I am laughing out loud of the picture of Austin holding his breath out of water, Hilarious!! Come to Chicago it will make everything feel better!

Nancy K said...

So fun! I make your french dip sandwiches and then the enchiladas with the remaining meat the next day about every other week! They are so good!

Kasey said...

How fun. I am laughingn about Austin holding his breath out of the water too. He is so cute. All your boys are! Can't wait to find out what this next little baby is. Hope you are feeling well and I'm still so bummed I don't get to see you in a couple weeks. But hopefully once we get back to the lower 48(NEVER thought I'd be saying that), I'll see you much more often. Love ya!