he's nine!

happy birthday to an energetic, happy, fun-loving, responsible, smart, excited, helpful boy  
we love this kid... and his amazingly contagious smile

Austin asked for "wedding cake" for his birthday!  I thought that was a strange request until he explained it was because he wanted a HUGE cake and wedding cakes are the biggest {naturally - duh ;) }.  So I talked him into a 4-layer "tower" cake because it's a little less 'girly'.  It was filled with raspberry filling just like a real wedding cake and covered in his favorite chocolate frosting (it's not as pretty since we don't use dairy products but it tasted G-O-O-D!)

Austin could NOT decide what present to ask for.  He was convinced he wouldn't get anything because he didn't know what he wanted.  We wanted to get him something that would really make him excited - it is his birthday, after all.  Phew!  I think we came up with a winner!  I love how happy he looks in these pictures.  Austin is a kid that knows how to make you feel appreciated.  

***this smile***