A few new things

You all know that Cameron and I have been in school since we got married 8 years ago. We have been scrimping and saving in a big way. Cameron just got his first "REAL" paycheck ever! Sadly, we still don't "have money". (will we ever?!) But it is such a wonderful feeling to pay our bills with money from a paycheck rather than money from a student loan, credit card, or other random chunk of money we somehow managed to come up with. So as a way to celebrate our first ever paycheck we bought a few things from our "things to buy when we're done with school" list. Let me tell you it's been a long time coming. I'm still holding my breath for my camera and microfiber couches and piano and... (He He I could go on and on!!) Oh wait, we have to pay off student loans, credit cards, our car... I think our list is now called "things to buy when we win the lottery because our "real" paycheck is not enough to fulfill our every wish and desire". It's too bad, I was hopin' it would be!

This is the monitor that goes with our computer! Finally, a computer with the capacity to do what we need it to. Our out-dated laptop was just not cutting it anymore. The hard drive was so full we couldn't access anything which is why I thought I lost our pictures from this summer. So happy happy joy joy I have them back and once I figure out how to use this monster computer I will finally get them posted.

And this little beauty is something I've been wanting FOREVER. Since central vac is what I really want and you know that's not going to happen until we can build a house, I'll settle for this baby. I actually found it on sale and had a twenty percent coupon which made it affordable so... Hallalujah, I don't have to vacuum that piece of lint 4 times before the vacuum finally sucks it up!


Andrea said...

Yay for making money! I am so glad you found your pictures, I was so sad for you. You will LOVE your Dyson. We have had ours 5 years now, and it still works like the day we got it. And I know how much you have been wanting a new computer- I am excited for you!

{say.cheese} said...

YAY for new fun stuff and I'm SO with you on the money not stretching very far at all... It sounds good... but it really doesn't go very far does it?

It is nice to know that you are earning it though!!! :)

I miss you KENDY... :)

Robs said...

Fun new toys! I love the vacuum! Very nice. How are things going? I miss you Kendy!

Kasey said...

Congrats on the new vacuum and computer! Both are necessary purchases, in my opinion! I miss our Dyson SO much. It is stuck in storage and I just bought the cheapest vacuum to get us through our two years here. I HATE it! I must say that I am super jealous of your new one!

Oh, and SO glad you got the whole picture thing figured out. Phew!

Hillary said...

Yeah! Welcome to the life of the "military pay check". It may not be a TON, but it sure is nice to get it every month. By the way, I just bought a new Dyson too and LOVE it! Great purchase.

Thorsons said...

I have a list just like yours! Its so exciting to be able to knock a couple things of the "need" list. It looks like you are having a blast in Colorado!