Landon is in 1st Grade...

...and I can't believe it!

Last night we went to Land's "meet the teacher" night. As we walked down the hall Landon grabbed my hand to hold. Since hand holding has become a rare occurance in his old age it gave me that warm fuzzy, I'm a happy mom feeling. Of course I opened my big mouth and asked him if he was nervous and off he went running down the hall to find his friend Dallin. Today as we walked to the bus stop it was more of the same; he did everything he could think of to let me know he was not my little boy anymore. He wouldn't even let me carry one of his big boxes of kleenex's he had to take today.

So as he jumped on the bus without a look back I had a little moment of sadness. But as I watched him talking to his friend and squishing in his seat to make room for his other friend I also felt so proud of him. He is so good at making friends and always optimistic. I love his good attitude and the way he just takes things in stride. I think he'll have a great year. I just love this kid.

(Landon laid his clothes out the night before exactly like he would be wearing them. Believe me, he put much thought into his first day wardrobe. We had a little problem when his "no show" ankle socks didn't fit just right so he opted for the crew socks... Ha Ha The kid is serious about his own ideas of fashion)

The highlights of the first day were:
*Science is a "special" class (meaning they get to go to another teacher in the science lab) and Landon got to do an experiment in front of his whole class
*He got to bring a lunchable for lunch (he's been begging since last year!)
*He wants to join the 30 club - that means he wont flip a card (for disciplin) for 3o days in a row and then he gets a prize
*He made a friend name Jacob, one of four Jacobs in his class
*He saw his friend Dallin at all three recesses
*He sat with Dallin and Spencer on the bus to and from school
*He likes his teacher and she didn't make him flip a card when he was talking to his new friend Jacob
*His folder has a sticker with his name on it


{say.cheese} said...

I just got this PIT in my stomach reading about the first day... As you can tell... I'm MORE than nervous about it... Thanks for you UPLIFITING post about how they REALLY are ok... I needed it!

Kasey said...

So cute! I can't believe he has already started school...TWO WEEKS before my kids. THat is nuts. He looks so grown up. I hear you on the hand holding thing. It's the best.

Kerri Whitney said...

wow Landon in 1st grade...it feels like yesterday you guys were coming to Iowa and he was only 2. He is such a cute boy...and he's got great parents...first grade will be fabulous!

shauntelle said...

this photo page is super cute...i love how you added the photo of landon's clothes...odessa does something similar and i never thought to take a picture of it! you're so cute.

510Jen said...

I can't believe we have first grader. That is great he found little friends.

Miss you girl.

Andrea said...

I love that he laid out his outfit! I am glad he had a great first day, and I hope he is still liking it now!

[S Rizzle] said...

the boys all look so big! When did that happen? Love the new header.