3rd TimesThe Charm

First Day One:
This is Austin's FIRST first day of Preschool. He loved it! But when I went to pick him up the director told me I owed 98.00 for the first week (two days). I said, "WHAT? I thought it was $114.00." She said they raised the price to $155.00. I thought okay. But it still didn't make sense that I owed $98.00 for the first two days. After some discussion with her and a friend of mine who was having the same problem as me we figured out the confusion. The price was a WEEKLY price not monthly like I thought it was. Well there's no way we can afford over $500.00 a month for preschool so needless to say Austin did not go back.

Luckily I found another school for him run by a lady in our Stake. A friend from church told us about it and she had one more opening!! So... I got Austin all ready to go and...

First Day Two:
We spent the first day this time in the ER. Austin was passing the time before his BIG DAY jumping off the couch. He landed hard on the ground and started screaming that he couldn't move his arm. As the swelling increased and the crying REALLY increased, it became apparent that something was wrong. We headed to the ER and boy was it NOT fun. Anyway, his arm was sprained and not broken so that was good. But... something I didn't know... Sprains hurt worse than breaks so it was still a little rough. But he only had to wear the brace for 5 days - much better than the six weeks for a cast.

First Day Three:

Finally!! Austin's REAL first day of school. He LOVED it. He got to bring home a cool airplane glider he put together for "letter a day". He painted two pictures. He tried to do the monkey bars but his hand hurt too bad so his teacher carried him on her shoulders while he grabbed each bar. He played with all the balls - "my teacher has SO MANY balls mom!" And he got to pick out a sticker for his drawer - "the biggest Spidy sticker she had". He is more than excited to go back. Woo Hoo


Robs said...

Wow! Sounds like quite the week. I cannot believe they were charging that amount per week! That is insane! Poor little guy sprained his arm? I hope he's doing better now. Glad that the third day was a charm!

Colleen said...

I am still sorry that you and Heidi had to go through the stress of the first preschool, but Josh and I are glad you are at Miss Amy's! Josh LOVES his buddy Austin!