Happy Birthday to...Me?

Please let me have this one self-indulgent moment to feel sorry for myself. I'm "stewing and brewing" so I might as well get it off my chest.

Cameron left for his 8 hour class this morning with out saying a word - no happy birthday, have a good day, good luck at church by your self with the kids - notta *sigh*

I woke up at 6:30 to prepare my lesson for primary - no sleeping in for me *sigh*

I have to wrestle the kids during sacrament by myself and take little Isaac as my special guest to "help" teach my class *sigh* Maybe I'll just bring a movie for them to watch *sigh*

The kitchen is a disaster. Should have cleaned it yesterday. Too busy grocery shopping, doing laundry, getting the kids ready to go to a football game with Cameron, packing the food for our camping trip this afternoon - which brings me to my next point *sigh* *sigh*

We're going camping as soon as Cameron gets home from his class - all the work's on me *sigh* Not that I don't like camping, ocassionally, but I really HATE the preperation for it and today it's all my job *sigh*

I should be posting pictures of Austin's birthday - he's in the years where birthday's still mean something!! No time to download the pictures. why is there never anytime for the fun stuff? *sigh*

Birthday Smirthday - whatev...

I guess I should look at the possitive:

My mom got me an AWESOME skirt for my birthday and I love it, thanks mom

I get to open a present that Cameron's parents sent me - the only thing I get to open, so thanks, really

We went to REI a couple weeks ago and I got the best fitting jacket I've ever had. It's North Face so it's super warm - I think I'll take it camping today

A friend gave a really yummy smelling candle and sweet card yesterday. I really like where I live and we're all making good friends.

Cameron took me to PF Changs last night. It was great food. We had Maggie Moos Ice Cream as an appetizer to pass the 45 minute waiting time. Not the best idea; rich ice cream on an empty stomach was a little rough but it was worth it

I'm getting a NEW CAMERA - Cameron ordered it a few days ago and it should be here by the end of the week. Canon 40d - I am really excited. For three years I've wanted an DSLR camera! I may be lost under a rock for a few weeks learning how to use it. Maybe I'll just celebrate my birthday when the camera comes.


runningfan said...

Kendra! Sorry your birthday is turning out lame! I'd give you a birthday hug (and a little something else) but I've got the stomach flu....guess I'll catch you when you get home! Have fun in the wilderness...

BeyondTheSea7 said...

Happy Birthday, Kendra! Hang in there, OK?

We miss you guys!


Kasey said...

Happy Birthday Kendra! I'm so excited for you to get your new camera...and a little jealous too!

Hope your birthday gets better. Sunday b-days are NO FUN! Especially when you have to go to church alone. Grrr... I hear ya on this one!

Hillary said...

Happy Birthday Kendra! I have decided that birthday's really aren't that fun as you get older, they just blend in with our same old regular days... atleast you are getting your camera, very nice!

Hillary said...
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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Kendra! I hope camping was fun at least. And, I am so excited for you to get your camera! I know how much you have been wanting one, and I hope it makes up for a Sunday birthday with no hubby and screaming kids!

Maynards said...

Hey Kendra,
Cute Blog! Your family is so adorable. We had a great time camping with you guys. Hopefully next year's Birthday will make up for this one. Cameron owes you big time. ;)

check us out sometime

Robs said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so excited you got your camera! You are going to LOVE it. Sorry your day wasn't great. The camera will make it all worth it though!