My cute sister-in-law tagged me so here are some things I betcha didn't know:

{10 YEARS AGO} - I was working at an advertising agency as an administrative assistant. I ran for Student Body Office and when I didn't make it I decided to go to early college at WSU. I was pretending NOT to wait for Cameron who had just left on his mission.

5 things on my {TO-DO LIST} today: CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN - oh, and feed my kids 50 times (at least it feels like it!) Actually here it is - fold the laundry in the dryer, take Austin to the children's museum for a church activity, call the doctor and get Austin's Epi-pen prescription refilled because the one I have is expired, put stew in the crockpot and defrost rhodes bake-n-serve rolls early enough for them to actually rise, return some clothes to Old Navy and Target...

{SNACKS} I enjoy: Nacho Cheese DORITOS - Love them. I also love ice cream sandwiches and snickers. When I'm trying to be healthy I love CRISPY apples

What I would do if I were a {BILLIONAIRE}: Pay off our credit cards and student loans; pay the airforce back so we wouldn't owe them any time; take a REAL vacation; start college funds for my kids; pay back my parents for a lifetime of taking care of me; Buy Jared's house for him; Save some; There's a TON of people I can think of helping - family first and then the starving kids in Africa

3 {BAD HABITS}: Going to bed too late; I don't drink nearly enough water; I "vent" to Cameron too much

5 {PLACES} I've lived: Roy, UT; Colorado Springs, CO; Ogden, UT; SLC, UT; Tiffin, IA

5 {JOBS} that I've had: Taco Maker; Epec Advertising; McKay Dee Credit Union; Darci's Hair Salon; Phazes Hair Salon

5 things people {DON'T KNOW} about me: my secret dream is to be famous someday; I want to write a cookbook for people with food allergies; My FAVORITE thing to do at night is fall asleep reading; When I was 10 I started reading my scriptures every night before bed and did it faithfully until I moved out for collage and was too embarrassed to read them in front of my room mate - I REALLY need to start reading them like that again; I'm obsessed with keeping my house clean - from vacuuming the vents to cleaning the crud inside the window seals with a q-tip - sadly, though, it's SO hard for me to fold and put away our laundry (that is the WORST chore in the world)


Brandy & Boyz said...

The laundry thing is hilarious! Cuz, if I could change anything about my personality, it would be the anal cleaning side of me, I as well am always vacuuming, nagging, scrubbing and picking up... but, folding the clothes AND putting them away, no can do! In fact when I do put all the clothes away after laundry day, I have to brag about it to Coby like 8 times when he gets home from work! I guess the fact that clean clothes are piled in a clean house doesn't bother me.

LCFrohm said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope your day is filled with love.

Andrea said...

How fun! I loved reading this. I will fold your laundry if you clean the rest of my house! LOL! Laundry is the one chore I actually am pretty goood at.

Kasey said...

Cute post. I think I knew most of it though! I've seen your stacks of clean clothes waiting to be folded! I wish that was my only flaw when it came to housekeeping!!!

teresa said...

loved reading that all about you. so fun. i wanted to be famous too. it could still happen for us.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

fun to read! When you are famous I'll say i knew you when. You really should make the cookbook too-it would be fabulous!

Sarah said...

Loved reading the post. YOu always make me laugh or put a smile on my face. That is pretty impressive about reading the scriptures like that. Way to go!

Robs said...

Cute post. I loved reading about you! I'm with you on the cleaning thing! I love vacuuming and cleaning out vents and window seals! It's the best!