* why did this happen: I noticed Landon's size 6 church pants were becoming a little "floody" so I bought another pair in a size 7. Well, I thought so... I SWEAR the tag and the hanger said size 7. So Landon wore them to church and I put the size 6's in the storage bin. After the wash I noticed that his new pants were also looking like floods. I thought I got the pants mixed up and put the wrong ones in storage. I dug the size 6's back out and yes they were size 6. Look at the tags again - both pants are size 6! How is that possible?

* why are the DMV's computer's down? I busted it to get ready, drop off Landon at the bus stop and get to the DMV FIRST THING so I wouldn't have to make my little rascals wait too long in line and when I got there - yes come back tomorrow. WHAT A PAIN

*why do I always have this problem when I buy pears and/or avacados? If I buy them firm they take FOREVER to ripen and if I buy them ripe they are mushy, grainy, and yucky.

*why can't I get a decent picture of all three kiddos together?

*why does Isaac get a rash around his mouth when he eats eggs but the test results show negative for food allergies? (doc says he can still develop antibodies so shun eggs milk and nuts until 3 years old)

*why did I have a bugger in my nose while I was talking to my friend in her driveway? And why did she not just tell me?! AND why did I walk to the bus stop yesterday with my zipper down? Am I turning into an old lady? Am I developing early onset ahlzeimer's?

*why can't the kids eat over their plates? I have to sweep after every meal - I don't but I should.

*why is Landon so good at reading? and why is Austin not interested at all in learning the letters and their sounds?

*why do I love Dorritos? why are they so fattening?

*why have I had a headache for the past three days?

*why did the doctor prescribe such a huge dose of amoxicillan for Isaac's sinus infection? why did that lead to thrush? Is it going to be hard to get rid of? BOIL everything he eats with? and why did I forget to bring Zac's immunization record? I have to go back again to get his shots. why couldn't they just believe me that he was up to date on his shots and give him his next set anyway?

*why isn't the Photoshop program I ordered here yet? I can't wait for it!

*why do I miss my family like crazy? I really want to come visit.

*why does Austin tell me EVERY time I tuck him in, "but I don't like the dark." and I always say, "then close your eyes so you wont see it." and he says okay and goes to sleep. I actually, like our little ritual.

*why doesn't Isaac like the daycare at the gym? Why wont he just play for 45 minutes while I work out? Why does the babysitter always have to tell me try for twenty minutes today, we'll see how he does; 10 - 15 min. later this is what comes over the loud speaker, "[isaac] waaaaa, [baby sitter] will Isaac's mother please come to the day care, [isaac] waaaaaa." Actually, it is getting better. Yesterday I was able to do the eliptical for 20 min. and weights for 10. But I still heard him crying off and on. why?

*why didn't I buy diet coke at the grocery store today? I thought I was being good, but now I really wish I had one. I think it would help my headache.

*why didn't I start shopping at the Commisary sooner? The prices are incredible (at least on most things...)

These are just some questions I had. If anyone knows the answers, please tell me!!

Post Script - Thanks so much for the Diet Coke, Heidi!


runningfan said...

Aw, sorry you're having a rough time!

Colleen said...

I at least have an answer to to booger question...I totally didn't see it!! Sorry! I would never let a friend go on with a booger or food in her teeth and not tell her, so I promise I didn't see it. It must have been a teeny tiny boog. Sorry it was a bad day, tomorrow will be better--crafty craft morning!

The Judds said...

Hey Kendra! Ran across your blog and had to comment, I feel the same way almost everyday WHY??? I hope you guys are having a good time out there, we miss you.

Kasey said...

You are cracking me up! I am dying that you bought the same size pants all over again and didn't realize until they'd be worn and washed! Oh Kendra, I miss you.

I've heard the commisary prices are pretty good and that they have great sales too.

And at least you get to GO to the gym! He'll get better. Just keep trying!

Nic@Nite said...

I love Austin and your bedtime ritual. -made me laugh out loud! I hear ya about the gym thing. If you were still here we could just have them put Nate and Isaac in a closet together or something and they could scream all they wanted.

Steph said...

Ok, so I don't know if this is just a Utah thing, but this year they changed it so when you re-register your car for the year you can just do it at the place where you get it inspected. I don't know if that's what you went there for, but if it is you might want to look it up and see if they do that in colorado too. I did it last week at the jiffy lube and it saved me the STRESS and time of going clear out to the DMV and it was the best day I'd had in a long time!

LB said...

I love the booger and zipper. That is hillarious. I have a question...why does my hair look like crap? Oh yeah..my hair lady moved to colorado:(

The Schroeder Family said...

Hey Kendra - love your questions! Sounds like you guys are having a great time in Colorado!

Kerri Whitney said...


mom said...

Why do I leave my zipper down? Oh ya, I am an old lady.
why did the guy at the window shop tell me he has never had to tell a lady that before? Oh ya, I had dreams of becoming a man. Ahhh!
Why is my blender growing legs and walking away? Why did the can opener fly out the window. These are questions only Jared and Stephanie have the answers for. Why did Jared inherit more genetic material from me than he did Dad, because Dad's y chromosome contains less information than my x chromosome. These are the sad questions Jared has asked me. Okay Kendra, you have Dad's X so don't worry. Your zipper problem is not inherited. It was only a momentary lapse in the memory of the zipper. It just forgot to stay put!