My Life With Boys

*small side-note: I've been waiting for my new Photoshop to come in the mail but it's not here yet and I can't wait so here's some good ol' fashioned bad photography coming your way - although the camera is AWESOME - There's a bit of a learning curve and well...I'm still in it!

We have season tickets to the Air Force Academy football games this year. Let me tell ya - fun for all. The kids love the air plane fly-bys and the falcon show during half time. Cameron loves the game itself, and I just like being with my family. I like football too, I guess, but somehow there's always a big guy in front of me that makes it so I can't see, oh well.
This weekend's game was extra fun because it was against Utah. I was a little nervous as we sat down in our seats, amongst a sea of Air Force blue, while Cameron was decked out in a Utah shirt and hat. Luckily, no one tried to beat us up or anything! Cameron was happy to have bragging rights, about Utah's win, at work since he's a Utah alum. Thankfully, the games aren't every weekend because we've developed a game day tradition of Kettle Corn (non-dairy for Austin!!) and Hot dogs during the game. Papa Murphys for dinner after. Lets just say it's a junk food day.

And this is how we spend four nights a week. Landon and Austin are both on Soccer teams, each playing two games a week, so Monday - Thursday here we are. We love it though, because the kids do. It's worth cooking dinner at 4:00, putting it in the fridge during the game, coming home by 7:00 to reheat, eat and TRY to get the kids to bed around 8:00. Seriously, this last Friday was pure bliss - dinner was eaten and cleaned up by 6:30, in time for some frisbee in the back yard. But, back to soccer, yes we love it and yes we can't wait until it's over in the second week of October.

This is a picture of Cameron about 2 minutes after he came in 2nd Place (in his category) in a biathalon. He rode his bike 12 miles and then ran a 5K in 62 minutes. This is what I just love about Cameron: he decides he wants to do something and does it, and not only that but he does it well. How do you do it? The kids and I got up early and ate breakfast in the car to make it to the finish line in time. We got there about 10 minutes before Cameron came in. It was pretty fun to be in the thick of the festivities.

So this my life with boys... I'm learning to embrace it. I enjoy being outside, riding bikes, watching sports, playing sports more than I have my whole life. I used to pretend I liked these things just so I could be tough but now I really do. Who knew that playing catch or goalie or referee would be so fun? Living with boys will do that to ya.


Abbie Anna and Megan said...

You are a good mom! I guess if you can't beat em' join em'!!!

Steph said...

You know, I don't think I would be sad if I had all boys too. It looks like a ton of fun, and girls are too much drama. I guess you never know though, I'll be happy with either or both. ;) You are the ultimate mom though and you make it look so easy! How long are you guys going to be in Colorado because I totally want to come visit soon!

Colleen said...

It sure does!! It is all so fun though, as your post proves! Our lives are so similar, it's scary. Good job to Cameron, what an accomplishment!

the spokane smith's said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!! Congrats to Cameron on the biathalon! The Air Force games look fun! I'm proud of you cheering for Utah among the Air Force fans! Go You!

Kerri Whitney said...

What great times you all are having...can you believe tomorrow they'll be saying this about their families..of all girls! Strong work on the biathalon...wishing we could go to some football games...someday!

Kasey said...

Go Cameron! Love that you guys have season tickets to the games. How fun!

Glad you are enjoying your boys!