Some Tough Action

Landon is always having an adventure! This is just some of the fun he had while we were in Utah. I was really impressed with his bravery. I couldn't believe how he took to the motorcycle. NO FEAR. On the tramp at Park City he had no problem doing back flips. The climbing wall was a little scary the higher he got but with a little coaxing he was repelling like a Pro
(o.k. - a five year old Pro!). Oh and don't get me started on his swimming. As long as his life jacket was zipped up he was in the water. Tube, Water Weenie, or just swimming the kid was not afraid. Gone is the timid, stand back little boy. He has become a kid with a mission: Have Fun and Don't take No for an answer.

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{say.cheese} said...

little dare-devil.
How fun!
Glad you're back... too bad I'm leaving!