"Potty" Training

Yes... We have embarked on a new adventure - the toilet! Austin is so proud of himself that he can't even stand it. It's been less than a week and although, he still averages 1 accident a day, thankfully always in a "pull up", he's really catching on. I don't know why I stress the little stuff - I was so worried he would be tough to potty train but it's not so bad. Lesson of the day: don't worry about it, when the time is right and with the right amount of patience and endurance anything can be accomplished - yes even the dreaded potty training.


Kasey said...

Go Austin! I was so proud of him when he came up to me last night and said he had to go potty. I didn't even realize you were potty training him until he asked to go! I'd say he's doing great.

S Rizzle said...

yeah Austin!!

Shauntelle said...

so totally true! i've been really postponing the whole thing with Tolkien because people say boys are so much harder than girls to train. one day i just decided to do it so we put him in underpants and he peed in them all day long (not ever on the carpet like me girls did though) the first day and pooped his pants everyday for 3 days, but that was it. he just totally picked it up and it was SO much easier than my girls were! Silly how we freak out even on the 3rd kid.