The Cute Little Things He Says

I just had to write this because for some reason (probably that I'm his mom!) I thought it was SO cute. Austin's had a hard time going to Nursery at church since Cameron and I got released from being his teachers. On Sunday when we were getting ready for church he started with his usual, "but I don't want to go to nursery, I don't like it." But then the greatest thing - "Wait! Can I sing Nursery songs? With my Nursery boys? AND my Nursery Dads? Yeah, I love going to Nursery!" SO cute the way he said it; I just had to write it down somewhere!

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Kasey said...

Kendra, what a cute blog! I love what Austin said on Sunday. How cute that he calls them his nursery boys! It is a GREAT day when your kids love nursery, isn't it?!