Landon in his element

I volunteered for Landon's class at school today. It was so fun to see him doing all the things he always tells me about. He was gone part of the time I was there, doing an accelerated reading program, but I took the opportunity to get to know his "best" friends, discover "the kid that's always in trouble" and adopt a girl that just wouldn't leave me alone!
He's got a great teacher. Actually, everyone I talked to was so nice and complimentary to Landon. It really made me feel comfortable that he's doing well and going to such a good school.
I loved that he was so excited for me to come and see his sharing time, help make clown art, and see him in action. He was on his best behavior, raising his hand and saying please, even chewing with his mouth closed! I'm really thankful that I'm so lucky to be able to be a hands on mom. The only problem: "Mom, can you PLEASE come every day?"

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Kasey said...

I can't wait to go volunteer in Kaden's class! I bet it was so fun to see who the kids are that he talks about. I really want to be able to put faces to names he tells me. How fun that you got to do this. Glad Landon is loving it!