a {crappy} new summer "tradition"

The Air Force has created a new summer tradition for our family. Once again Cameron will be a couple states away working most of the summer. He's doing a "man-and-assist" assignment in CA. I'm grateful it's not Afganistan or Iraq; greatful it's not a longer assignment. Feeling a bit sorry for myself that we have this new tradition. At least I'm not suffering from morning sickness this summer! That alone will make this summer waaayyy better than last. But, Cameron, we will miss you like crazy.


runningfan said...

We're doing the same thing right now. So sorry for you! Hang in there!

Kerri said...

So sorry he has to be away...There is nothing quite like having a hubby around to share the joys of a young family! If it's any conselation residency feels like being a single parent and it's 4 years!

Colleen said...

Aww! I hate when the hubbies go. We've had too many of those in our marriage too, but it sure makes the reunions great! :)