Father's Day

The last time I was in Cameron's office on base I noticed that he has some huge shelves with nothing on them. I also noticed that the only picture he has in there is his screen saver: a picture of all of us in Yellowstone - I was 10 pounds heavier than now {ugh! ella's baby weight HUNG onto me; just finally losing it} - that is enlarged to fit on his GIANT computer screen. That picture HAS to go. And his shelves need something a little more interesting on them then dust.

SO... For Father's Day I framed these pictures for him to put in his office. I'm so so happy with how they turned out...but already itching to take more...never quite satisified with my photo-skills but still learning. I think the photography learning curve I'm on is YEARS long {.ha.ha.} Landon has always been a "poser" for pictures. He cocks his head a certain way and smiles his "picture" smile. He is so sweet and tries to always make me happy. He knows I love a great smile! Austin just wanted to tell jokes. He kept saying, "don't take the picture, I have to crack myself up first!" I love that funny boy.
Isaac has been SO extremely sweet and loving lately. Even in this picture he looks... just SWEET! He comes up to me throughout the day and hugs me and tells me I'm "lovely". When I ask him to do something he usually does it right away... even if he mumbles under his breath, "I can never do anything fun!" Really, he's turned a corner, lately; mellowed out, calmed down, and become quite "lovely", himself!
I couldn't decide between these pictures. SO I printed them both and let Cameron decide which one he wanted (he chose the smiling one)
I love this baby girl. She is talking up a storm lately. We were in Boise last night standing outside of a resteraunt. Ella looked through the ground-length windows at another little girl on the other side of the glass. They were both giggling at eachother and jibber-jabbing. We said, "come on Ella." and plain as day she said to the little girl, "BYE-BYE!!" since then she's been saying bye-bye and hello in the right context and more and more clearly. She seems to learn a new word everday.
She's also really into putting things where they go. She likes to organize. She opens a drawer, pulls everything out, and then arranges it all in a straight line or a neat pile. And then moves on to the next drawer as if she's checking off her "to-do" list. So funny...and exhausting putting it all back all day long!
and of course I gave him an 8x10 of this one:
Today was a pretty good day. My parents came up for the weekend again. We are so lucky to have them and live relatively close to them. My kids need their grandparents. We all do. They make us happy. It will be good to get to Utah to see Cameron's parents again too.
I made my dad's favorite cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I also made some really awesome gluten free pumpkin muffins. I wanted Cameron to have a cinnamon roll before his early meetings at church. We went to church all together. The kids got to sing a song to the dads. I have to say...and I'm really not exaggerating...Isaac STOLE the show. You could hear his voice above all the others. He did ALL the actions - with GUSTO - he had a grin from EAR TO EAR the whole time and an even prouder, cheesier grin when it was over and he walked back to our seats and gave Cameron a huge hug...he was so proud of himself for singing in church. And he loved it...and so did we. So glad he got to sing to one of his grandpas too.
We came home and bbq'd porkchops. Then we sadly said our goodbyes to Alina and my parents. Austin cried for 15 minutes after the boys got back from following my parents car down the block on their bikes. Wish we were closer. Glad I got to see my dad on Father's Day, even though I forgot to give him his card. I'll send it.
I'm happy too that my husband is such a good daddy. The kids, even Ella, litterally stop what they are doing the second they hear the garage door when Cameron comes home from work. They run to meet him at the door.... and they really do "wrap their arms around his neck, and give him what? a great big kiss!" Really. Every day. They also tell me he's cooler than me. Austin says, "you're cool too mom. It's just, well, you have to do TEN more things, then you will be as cool as Dad. And I know you always have all the work to do so you can't play with us like Dad." Really. He said that. So... I'm happy they have him. Happy Happy Father's Day to all our dads.


shaina said...

That is really great. Such cute pictures. Happy Father's day to Cameron!

Maynards said...

Awesome pictures! Your kids are adorable.

Colleen said...

Great gift idea! And the pictures are wonderful!

Kerri said...

I love your posts...they are so full of real life and fun and sweetness. I love how you capture your sweet little spirits...I wish I was better at that. We are on girl number 5 here...wishing you were here to give me some photo taking tips...if your learning curve is years mine must be centuries!