October update ::Instagram Style

 Watching a LOT of football...12 Year Anniversary- Anniversary Inn - Fire and Ice room.  We spent TOO much on dinner...Ella discovered TOY catalogs...It's good that Daddy is our Dentist

Potty Training started - and STOPPED - she said she just wants to be a little girl and wear diapers still...A trip to the temple to rejuvinate my spirit...Landon is almost as tall as me! (yikes) He thinks it's cool he can lift me up...If I tell Ella no she goes straight to Austin to ask him - they're pretty much BFFs

 School pictures for all the boys - Isaac's class picture makes me giggle...the house is SPOOKIFIED - Austin said he likes to decorate for Halloween better than eating candy! - monster cupcakes for Family Night

 Isaac asks to help make dinner most nights...kids got out of school at 11:30 so we had an impromptu Halloween lunch - complete with Halloween music...Big Kid Date Night - we went to a haunted house and the movie "Here Comes the Boom" - a perfect BOY movie

Pumpkin Patch : Perigo Style...My dad and Alina came for a drive by visit- 13 hours is NOT long enough - miss them...candy helps kids listen - I think - we're still debating that....flu shots, fire department visit to meet Sparky, the dog and get a free helmet, grocery store - gotta make fun where you can...


Colleen said...

An awesome month! I sure love you Perigos!

Becky said...

And you do make fun where you can! Fun pictures. Miss you guys.