She's 3

My Baby Girl is 3.  We told her to stay little but it didn't work...

When she woke up and I told her Happy Birthday she said, "What?!" Today is MY day?!  Oh wow!  I so excited!" 

She sang the birthday song to herself all day!

She's been saying she wants a PINK birthday with ALL the PRINCESSES for months.  She began dropping hints (like the girly-girl she is) about what she wanted months ago. She'd say things like, "Ooooh THIS would be nice for my Pink Birthday!"  Or "When my Pink Birthday is here, maybe I should have THIS."

I love this face.  

Austin gave her this stuffed dog for her birthday.  Those two are buddies in every sense of the word.  If I say no she asks Austin.  She loves Isaac and Landon too.  I love watching the relationships my kids are building with each other.  I love that they take care of each other.

We invited friends to celebrate.  She kept saying, "MY friends are coming?  For my birthday?" like she couldn't believe they would come just for her.

She was SO happy to see her princess cake.  She helped me put her favorite girls on top and then opened the fridge a million times to look at the cake.

I love this picture.  So sweetly, innocent.  Still believing that all you have to do is blow out a candle and your deepest dreams can come true.  I want her to believe it forever.

At T.H.R.E.E. Ella:
*still sleeps with her blankets and wants one any time she's sad
*loves getting her hair blow-dried
*loves watching movies
*loves to go on walks
*is very into catagorizing gender.  She says, "I'll go with you because I'm a girl and you're a girl."  She only wants to watch movies with girls in them (luckily for me it doesn't cause too many arguments around here because even Power Rangers has a couple girls in it!) When a song with a female singer is playing in the car she tells the boys they can't sing because it's a "girl song"
*WILL NOT clean up her toys until I MAKE her.  Usually the threat of taking a blanket away will do the trick.
*is a SNACKER.  She would rather snack all day than eat meals. 
*wants to do it "herself"
*doesn't like kisses but LOVES hugs and gives the best ones
*moves the step stool around the house to get whatever she wants - whenever she wants - I have a hard time keeping up somedays
*told me her favorite food is salad. She loves broccoli (steamed and dipped in apple cider vinegar), sweet peppers, and cucumbers and doesn't like Ranch salad dressing
*will listen to books being read to her for as long as someone will read to her
*calls her brothers, "My BOYS"  She asks to pick them up from school as soon as I drop them off.  She says, "where's my boys?" all day long.
*her favorite toys are her tea set and barbie car and barbies.  She's just starting to really get into pretending.
*is developing quite the sassy streak when things don't go her way, but is generally the sweetest, most easy going girl I know.  Really.  I don't know how to put it into words, there is just something about this girl.  We love her.


shauntelle said...

what a QT! she must be a Perigo, loving vinegar and not ranch :) Miss you!

Steph said...

Ah! I love that Ella girl! I really wish we could see you guys more so she doesn't get freaked out every time she sees Jared. ;) Happy Birthday Ella! We love you!

Colleen said...

Such a cutie! I love how excited she was for her day. So sweet. You take lovely photos, Kendra! PS, how is it possible she is THREE???!!! :)