Little Cheerleader

Ella got the chance to go to a cheer clinic where she got to perform at an Academy Basketball game.  She was nervous so we invited a friend to do it with us.  I love how they're holding hands on their way onto the court!

 The day started with two nonstop hours of dancing and cheering.  I fully expected her to say she was tired or complain about having to do the dance over and over again, but she didn't.  She loved it!  Ella said her favorite part was cheering in front of all the people.  You can see how hard she was concentrating on remembering the steps.  She took her cheering seriously!

"I say Air..."

"...You say Force!"

After half-time as we watched the rest of the game, Ella shared a snow cone with Cason.   I told her thanks for sharing.  She said, "well, that's just what real cheerleaders do!  I can't wait to be a cheer leader when I grow up!"

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csmedley8157 said...

Her face is so intent. Love it.