Austin On...

Landon - "he's the best. I'm the best so he's the best."

Isaac - "Wake UP, Isaac, it's not dark yet."

Food without milk in it (especially, treats) - "it's MY cake? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"

Birthday invitations - "my friends will like my party because I am giving them this letter." Every picture he draws lately is a birthday invitation and then he tells me how old he is - it's always a different number sometimes eight, sometimes five and sometimes a grown up.

Mittens - "you put your baby finger in the little sleeve and a lot and a lot of fingers in the big sleeve"

Carving Pumpkins - "Can we make a face in the pumpkin and rip the top off?"

Halloween - "I like Halloween but when's Christmas?

Being dropped off for a play date - "we have to bring my lunch bag and we need... (whatever he feels like eating that day)" He wont go to anyones house without his lunch bag.

His "blankie" - "I can't go to sleep without my truck blankie because I need my suck" Yes, that's right he sucks on the corners of his blanket and calls them his "sucks"

There are many more silly things Austin says and I always tell myself I need to write them down. But, of course by the time I get around to it I can't remember what they were. I just love my little Austin. He gives me a run for my money, that's for sure. He always has his own agenda and unless it's his idea it's usually impossible to talk him into anything else. How can one kid be so hard to live with and so hard to live without at the same time?


Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

What a cutie patutie! I just love Austin too!

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh- I can't stop laughing! He is such a goof!

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

So I saw your family picture on Andrea's blog-so are you absolutely a MODEL or what!?!?!? GORGEOUS!

Nic at Nite said...

He is a cutie! Alyssa is having a blast playing with him.

Sarah said...

Kendra that is so cute. I need to start writing that kind of stuff down. How precious!

Kasey said...

He's so cute! I love all his little sayings.