First Smiles

Those fleeting first smiles are so hard to catch on film! Little Zac has recently started smiling and we LOVE it! It is so fun that he is responding and and so alert. The best way to make him smile is to lay him on my lap and talk to him - thus the way too close, blurry pictures (sadly the photos do not do him justice!) but I had to show off his new skill.
He is growing so so fast, I can't even believe that almost two months has gone by since he came into our family. It has been a blur of excitement, that's for sure. It really is amazing how a parents capacity to love can just grow and grow. I know, a little sappy but those smiles just melt me!


Kasey said...

I agree. Smiles are HARD to catch on camera. He's so cute and I can't believe how fast he's growing up. Where have the last two months gone? I feel like I have hardly seen him!

Andrea said...

Aw- I can't wait to see a smile in person! He is just the sweetest, Kendra. I can see why he makes you melt!