Boys Will Be Boys

I'm starting to understand what Victoria Beckham said the other day on Ellen (k, random I know but I watched it because I was folding clothes and Austin was sleeping), "Raising three boys is less about parenting and more about crowd control."
It's becoming truer and truer as the days go by:
*There is a perpetual wrestling match going on all the time (Austin has even included Zac in the event a few times)
*I have become the take your shoes off, wash your hands, flush the toilet Nazi
*I have developed the art of "tuning it out" because it is NEVER quiet around here
*There are always little pieces of the kids laying around - a half finished puzzle there, a dirty sock here, a pile of school papers there
*I'm imaging my future as the "football" mom - do you think it's going to possible to keep enough food in my house for all my boys and their friends?

So, although I do feel like I've gotten into the crowd control business I have to say that I am learning to enjoy my kids more all the time. The other day I actually joined their wrestling match and by the end of it we were all on top of each other laughing like crazy. It's so fun.

Cam took the kids to a Hockey game the other night and they LOVED it. Austin came home and said, "it's not dancing, it's just my moves." Landon fell asleep on the way home and all he said when he got here was, "aren't you going to brush my teeth?" Obviously they both got something different from the game and neither of them actually watched it. Austin was there for the music and dancing and Landon was there for the candy.

Maybe they are rascals that love to be rowdy and noisy but their mine and I wouldn't change them for anything. Here's Austin's moves!


Kasey said...

What a fun thing for Cameron to do with the boys! Austin is quite the little dancer!
Love your collages, but where's Austin's?!

thecherries said...

Austin has some serious moves...must get them from his adorable super mom! Seriously, cuttest boys ever!

Andrea said...

Austin cracks me up- nice moves!

I think you do a fab job at crowd control! I hope Thanksgiving was fun!

Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

It's so nice to see that I'm not the only mom out there who understands the "crowd control" thing!