My Three Pirates - ARGH!

We started celebrating in mid-October. We had a church party, of course. The next night it was adults only for a super fun party. The next week Landon took it into his own hands that we hadn't carved pumpkins yet and I found him at the kitchen table, knife in hand, digging into his pumpkin. (Needless to say we had a long talk about how pumpkin carving is only okay with Mom and Dad's help). So Landon drew a ghost on his pumpkin and called it good until Monday when we carved them for FHE.
Halloween day started at Landon's school where Austin, Zac and I watched the parade (Austin described all the kids as "silly not spooky"). Then we came home and Landon decorated our "Brain Pudding" (red jello with crushed pineapple) with a spooky jack-o-lantern face and made "dinner in a pumpkin". After dinner the kids and Cameron took off to trick or treat while I took care of our youngest pirate who has his first case of the sniffles.
The kids made a haul and had so much fun. They came back smelling like candle-lit pumpkins and crisp night air. It was a great night.


Sarah said...

Well sounds like you had a very festive Halloween. I'm glad. Your boys look so cute. I love that they were all pumpkins!

Kasey said...

Cute little pirates! I love that you were all a family of pirates this year.

Andrea said...

I have been waiting for these pictures! They look SO cute, Kendra! You did such a great job on their costumes!

rebecca said...

I love the whole family pirate theme. they are so cute.

RochelleY said...

The boys look so adorable all together in their lil' pirate outfits. What a fun mom you are to do that!

Nic at Nite said...

SO CUTE! I love all the cute costumes. Did you by change get a picture of all of you dressed up?

[JennyB] said...

Again, Kendra- You guys are so cute in your costumes! I loved seeing you today. You are so fun to chat with. We should get together more often!

LCFrohm said...

This comment has nothing to do about your Halloween (although they're so cute!)
BUT- you know how they say every person has a twin-- I MET YOUR TWIN YESTERDAY!
We are visiting my in-laws here in Utah and I seriously had to STARE at this poor girl because I swore it was you. (except she has a baby girl!)
I asked her if she was related to you. But no!
I swear- she's your twin. Had I been smart and taken my digital camera to church (there was a baby blessing in the family), I would have snapped a picture of her for you to see how much ya'll look alike.

kendra said...

Funny! Hope you're having fun in Utah. Too bad I can't meet my twin.

Buttercup said...

So cute! Looks like the adults had a fun party. --- Landon's hair is cracking me up. Cute little pirates!

Brandy & Coby and Boyz said...

so stinkin cute! How did you get all that done!
Ok, more importantly, how are you putting your pics on such cute borders and fun layouts? Do you have a program and do you like it, and would you recommend it?
Anyway, I need all the help I can get!
Love you guys!

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

I love Landon's wig!