A child's prayer

The last few weeks have been a little rough around here. From fighting RSV(Issac) and bronchitis (me) to getting ready for Christmas and our trip to Utah we've had a ton of stuff going on. Just keeping up on day to day life has been a challenge. We've been so exhausted and haven't been getting up on time. Every morning just when I think we're not going to be too rushed Isaac needs to eat or someone can't find their snow pants or.... something ALWAYS happens to make us run late (Getting three kids bundled up for the 10 degree Iowa winter takes so much time!)

This morning I left Landon in the house to put his snow gear on while I went and scraped the windows on the car. After we got everyone in their seats it was 7:47 - the bus usually comes between 7:45 and 7:50. When we got to the bus stop the bus was just coming up the street. I turned around to tell Landon to jump out and hurry to get in line. He was just sitting with his eyes closed. After a second I told him to grab his back pack and go. He said, "Mom I just had to say a little prayer to Heavenly Father to tell him thanks for helping me not miss the bus. I always say a prayer in the morning that I wont miss the bus."

I am so thankful to Heavenly Father too. I've needed help to get Landon to the bus on time and his sweet little prayers I'm sure have helped us all. What a wonderful lesson Landon has already learned. Heavenly Father answers even the most simple prayers. I'm so glad Landon is gaining a testimony of God and Prayer. And I'm thankful for his little example.

New Years Resolution - GET UP EARLIER!!


Kasey said...

I think that'll be our New Year's resolution too! How cute that Landon worries so much about it though! He does the cutest things!

Andrea said...

Landon is the sweetest boy. He has such a good and thoughtful heart.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Good to have our kids remind us about who is really helping us.
P.S. Dear RSV and any other sickness, stay away from the PErigos! Ahhhhh!

510Jen said...

How adoreable is that. It is amazing how they learn such things at a young age.