Christmas Makes Me Sing

We've had a lot of things happen the past couple weeks and we've definitely been BUSY. I haven't felt like singing much. Landon sang in a Christmas concert for his school the other night and "Christmas makes me sing" was one of the songs. I LOVED it! Landon was darling - he had an ear to ear grin the whole time he was on stage. Since, I heard that song I've been trying to calm down, take it easy and... sing once in a while. It really has helped me get more into the Christmas Spirit. Today, Austin and I were singing "If you Believe" (the song from Polar Express) in the car and even now he's singing it in his bed. What is it about Christmas music that just puts you in a good mood?

What we've been up to:

We played in the ICE, oh I mean snow... Well whatever it is it's cold but somehow the kids still love it.

Zac was blessed about a week ago. Cameron blessed him to have a "special and content spirit" and to be a "beacon of peace and love to those that know him"

We took the kids to see Santa... and waited in line for 40 min! This is us entertaining ourselves in line.
Isaac is playing with toys now and practicing sitting up.

Cameron had a {wOnDerFuL} birthday party! Complete with his favorite key lime pie. See the "easy button" in his hand? I think that was his favorite gift! (that was easy!)


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Cameron!

How does this time of year fly by so fast?! I am glad you are feeling more in the spirit- it is hard when things get so chaotic.

I love all these pics- what did the boys ask Santa for?

Sarah said...

What a busy and eventful time you have been having! haha.
I love love love tha story about Landon. That is seriously one of the sweetest things! You guys have taught him well!

Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

I love the music of Christmas too! Devanee surprises me with all of the songs that she can remember! I just love to hear her cute voice singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas!"