It just keeps going.... Don't you wish you could freeze frame a moment or just stop time for a while you catch up? I am completely behind. The suitcases are still not completely unpacked, the laundry is washed and folded but not put away yet, the Christmas tree is still up. I look around and I really don't know where to start. There are calls to be made, errands to run, babies to put to bed, and SO MUCH WORK to do around here.
I really want to post pictures of our fabulous Christmas in Utah but I just can't catch up... Zac is crying (again!) and Austin just threw up (again!) so I gotta go - Such is LIFE!!!


{say.cheese} said...

if it makes you feel any better. My Christmas tree is still up. And I didn't even leave town!
Glad you are back. I hope Austin starts feeling better SOON!

Kasey said...

Oh Kendra! You poor thing. So glad you are home, but when are we gonna hang out?! I've missed you. Get better Austin!

Waisaths said...

Kendra Perigo! Hello! I found you through someone else's blog. Amen to your post. I feel that way every day! Can I link to your blog? We're finally up on one too. We would love to keep in touch! You can find us at waisathfamilia.blogspot.com
Congratulations on baby Zac a few months ago!! You guys look great!!