We're Still Alive?

Austin and Zac are, once again, sick. Why is that they don't sleep when they're sick? Seriously, when one kid is up the other one is sleeping, once we get that one back in bed the other one wakes up. The nights are a never ending blur.
On top of it all, our realtor met with us last week and told us that we don't have much competition but what we do have is new construction... so our house has to be "prestine" (in her words). Our closets have to be mostly empty and everything has to be "open and spacious" - translation - even our toothbrushes are in an organizer under the sink. EVERYTHING has a place out of sight! What a PAIN!!!
We've had some good news too, though...
Zac had his 4 month check up and he is right on target. He weighs a whopping 16 pounds and is in the 85th percentile for weight and 90th for height. He's not quite rolling over but he rolls from side to side. He's such a cute little guy.
Austin started school and although he told me his favorite part of the day was when his teacher told him that I was there to pick him up, he seems to really like it.
Landon's school principle called the other day and told me Landon got a citizenship award. He cleaned up the melted snow in his class room without anyone asking him to. It makes me really proud to know that he is being a good boy.
Cameron has been so helpful lately. On Friday he got Landon ready for school and took him to the bus stop so that I could sleep in. Yesterday he got his "room" cleaned and cleaned out the garage.
We've also been having fun with friends lately. I went to lunch at a friends on Friday and had YUMMY pork burritos. That night we went to some friends house and played "Rock Band". It was really fun - there were lots of people there that we haven't seen in a while so it was kind of a reunion! (P.S. now I know why so many people like kereoke!!)
So all in all life's been good. Having sick kids stinks and cleaning out all your closets and cupboards at once stinks but I guess you gotta take the bad with the good!


Veronica Reeve said...

Selling a home is no fun! Especially when you have to always keep it clean. With 3 boys I'm sure that is HARD!!! P.S. Your boys are so handsome!!

Kasey said...

OH man, so glad your kids are feeling better! Isaac really is a cutie. That top picture of him cracks me up!
So cute about Landon getting the citizenship award! He is such a good kid.