Don't Blink

You know what they say - "if you blink you'll miss it..." Well, I feel like the past six months have been a blink of the eye. I can't believe that little Zac has been in our family for six months. Looking at these pictures you can see how fun the past six months has been. There is so much laughter and fun at our house. He is so easy going; weather he's got goose bumps all over him after a bath or having to wait another twenty minutes until I can feed him, he's almost always smiling. Isaac's sweet spirit really adds so much to our family. I couldn't imagine life without him.

Isaac at 6 months:
*size: 18 lbs
*nick names: Zac(y); Tootie (thanks to Austin!); Bubba
*favorite "big boy" food: prunes (half a jar a day makes everything better!!); oatmeal mixed with soy formula
*favorite toys: books - once he has hold of one you can't get it away without A LOT of protesting; crinkly things like clean diapers; his own feet - especially if they have socks on; his stuffed duck with a bell in the beak
*loves: baths; his car seat; his pacifier (at bed time); other people's fingers - he loves to hold them (and if your not careful put them in his mouth!); sitting up in someones lap and looking around
*dislikes: green beans (baby food); sleeping without a blanket; being alone in a room
*sleeping ritual: It's always the same: I lay him down and he turns his head from side to side until he's comfortable. He grabs his blanket and puts it over his face. I leave and usually he goes to sleep. Sometimes I have to go in and give him his binky, depending on his mood, but ALWAYS he has to have his blanket over his face. I was worried about SIDS for a while but the doc. assured me that as long as it's a thin blanket he's old enough not to worry any more. Better to be able to soothe himself to sleep.
*relating to the family: Isaac relates to each of us differently. It doesn't cease to amaze me how he's already developing relationships with each of us. Zac and Landon talk and coo back and forth and play games like peek-a-boo. They love to lay down next to each other and poke each other in the nose or cheek, kind of a copy cat game, with lots of giggles. When Austin's around, on the other hand, it's nothing but rough housing. Isaac braces himself and squeals while Austin pats his tummy, rolls him around on the floor, or puts his knees up to his chest. Isaac loves when Cameron comes home. He squeals and reaches for him and loves to be picked up and held high. When Mom's holding Zac it's all cuddles. He curls into a ball and just snuggles in. We LOVE it.


Kasey said...

I love those pictures of him laughing! He is SO cute. Austin's nickname for him - Tootie is pretty funny too.
I really can't believe he is 6 months old now. I swear we were just talking yesterday about how he was 5 months old and we couldn't believe it. Crazy how fast it goes by!

Andrea said...

How did he get so big, Kendra?! I loved reading all about your sweet boy.

[JennyB] said...

Doesn't it seem like a newborn yesterday?! What a cute guy!

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Okay, so I need my hair cut and today I was wishing I could run over to your house! Like your post about babies that really aren't babies!