Why Bother....

So many times in my life I think, "why do I bother doing...." Looking at these pictures I guess the answer is, "so the kids can have fun".

Why bother driving to Colorado when the kids are just gonna get sick? And why bother going to Garden of the Gods when they are going to cry that they have to walk too far because they don't feel good?

Why bother staying up until 2:30 am (after driving ALL DAY home from Colorado) to sew towel "hoodies" for the Easter Bunny to hide when the kids only wanted the candy... (although, I must say that when Cameron told the kids I made them, Landon said it was cool that I could "build" a towel)
and speaking of candy why bother giving up chocolate and all the "good" Easter candy for Austin when he doesn't like jelly beans and gummy candy anyway?

Why did I bother spending all day cooking a turkey dinner for Easter when the kids only wanted to eat the rolls (at least I used Rhodes rolls and didn't "bother" making them from scratch) and why did I give up my yummy traditional ham and scalloped potatoes and deviled eggs so that I could make something they would eat? Special thanks to Cam for going to the store at midnight so I could make dinner - Cam why did you bother?!

Why bother vacuuming when the kids are going to have an Easter grass fight before I can even put the vacuum away?

and as long as I'm at it - why did I bother making egg free, non dairy choc. chip cookies tonight just so Austin could take one bite and say, "ew, I don't like it."

Hallalujah, I brought the nebulizer with us to Colorado. Zac spent a lot of the time like this and the rest of the time sleeping, except at night - go figure.

When we pulled into the parking lot Cam said, "wow you gotta take a picture of that." I thought he was talking about the beautiful red rock formations... but he was talking about this car. Seriously, that is where the kids get it from!
The kids got grass EveryWhere!!! Down the stairs and hall, in their room and in the family room. They cleaned it up piece by piece, and made a game out that. Two games in one. Pretty fun.


Andrea said...

I felt like that the first time I made Evan babyfood and he spit it all out!

But just think of all the wonderful memories you are making- that is why you bother!

I can't wait to hear more about the CO trip- did you find a house?

Kasey said...

OH Kendra, I have been asking myself that very same question SO many times lately! I like to think we are creating great memories, but sometimes it can get discouraging (not to mention frustrating), can't it?!

[S Rizzle] said...

oh Kendra- Seriously. Really? Seriously. You know what I mean.

Robs said...

Oh the nebulizer! Sounds like we had the same kind of week. At least I was in the comfort of my own home. You poor thing! I can't believe they all got sick! What a nightmare. I'm glad you made it back safely! The boys look darling in their towels! Very cute!

Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

Some days I feel the same way! Did you have a nice trip, besides the kids getting sick? Can't wait to hear!

LB said...

I love your "why bother?" because that's how I feel most days when it comes to cooking. Even now that Tom is home to eat, he's usually not hungry or too busy to eat the meals I have been cooking that my kids won't touch. Argh!
Your easter towels are cute!! And thanks for posting your salad recipe. I've always wanted to know how to make those nuts.

Nic@Nite said...

I have the answer- Cause you are a great mom!!

Shauntelle said...

I wonder that all the time about everything. Sometimes I wonder why we even have dreams (like becoming a dancer or saving for a dream home, etc.) when we are just all going to die someday and leave it all behind anyway. Sometimes I really do think that I need to reprioritize where my time goes.

However, ever since someone made the comment at the last ward Christmas party I was over, "why do you go to such great lengths? Why do you do it?" I didn't know what to say, but I have thought a lot about it since then. I think about it when I'm making creative birthday cakes or putting a lot of effort into my art class at the school or when I'm putting so much time into my calling, etc.

I have decided it's because that is who I am. I want to be known as a doer and I want to walk away from each part of my life knowing that I did my best. I want the people I've come in contact with to carry fond memories of the times we had together. I also want my kids to learn how to try new things, be well-rounded, and learn that feeling of accomplishment when you step back and think to yourself, "I really did a great job!"

So Kendra, I think your efforts are incredible and I love that keep trying even if you seem to be underappreciated. Your family and friends will always remember how you made them feel and how your time was spent going above and beyond for them. It's all about love.