Weekend Fun

We've had a great weekend! Friends, Food, Halloween, Hiking, and ... Squirells! We started the Halloween festivities with a "Fall Feast". My friend, Colleen, gave me the idea and we enjoyed it so much it's going to become a tradition for us. The kids loved eating all things fall - a roast with all the trimmings, rolls, apple cider, and pumpkin pie. The next few days included this:

On Halloween Day we went to a party at Cameron's Dental Clinic. He won his Colonel's (very close) parking space for a week for having the best costume! In a display case there is a picture of Cameron's commander during dental school; sporting an afro and lambchops. The inspiration for Cam's costume and probably the reason he won! Not to mention, who else could pull off hair like that?!

This is the best we could do as far as a family costume photo this year. Well, can't say we didn't try. I had some wicked knee-high gogo boots that I wanted a picture of but, oh well. I got TONS of compliments on them. My mom picked out our costumes this year for us. Good job Mom!

All the kids we went trick or treating with - Fun! The dad's took the kids out while the mom's stayed to chat and hand out candy.
This is actually two weekends but... you get the idea. Hiking is so awesome around here. There are beautiful places to go. Exercise and good conversation - you can't beat that!

And this is Max. She is our pet squirrel! She comes about every other day and climbs the screen. She begs for food and chatters at the kids. It's pretty funny. The kids, especially Austin, love when she comes over. We never feed her but apparently a neighbor does because she is NOT afraid of people and we've caught her burrying peanut shells in our yard-ugh!


Colleen said...

You got an awesome picture of all the kids! What a brave squirrel! How cool! Sorry again that I almost chopped your hand off!

shay said...

I love the costumes! I want to see the boots! I bet they look HOT! Cameron looks pretty awesome himself! Good job on winning the good parking spot! I love the squirrel! She's pretty good at begging!

Kasey said...

Fun times! The squirrel is a little creepy. It looks huge! I bet your boots were awesome.

Brandy and Boyz said...

I love LOVE your pics! Your costumes are awesome! You look amazing, can't wait to see you guys!
I love all the hiking pics too, that is our favorite thing to do, and you look like you are having so much fun with your boys! How do you do it!?

510Jen said...

Your boys look awesome hey and so do you and Cameron.

Dark hair! I love you know me and brown hair.

Miss ya.

Andrea said...

All your costumes were great- but I especially love Cameron's, and I see why he won the contest!

What a naughty squirrel that is. Are the peanut shells a problem for Austin?

my3suns2 said...

So where was Cameron's mustache at the church carnival and Halloween night. It totally makes the costume (Well, that and the hair). You are so good with remembering your camera - totally forgot mine at the school party and on Halloween. Maybe I'll just use yours! Thanks!