Bike Ride in January?

Yes that's right! The weather here in the Springs is so wonderful. We get cold days (last Monday it was -4 when I went to work out in the morning) and every couple weeks we get a few wonderful, blissful spring-like days.
Saturday was one of them. It was 62 degrees outside and we HAD to take advantage. So, after a few Saturday chores and some grocery shopping we loaded up the bikes and hit the Santa Fe trail. The kids did great. You should have seen the other trail-goers smiling, laughing, and down-right beaming at the kids as they zoomed by on their little bikes, especially Austin. He was adorable peddling as fast as he could so he could keep up with Landon and Cameron. Hillarious - he looked like a clown on a little bike. Because he was peddling so fast he wore himself right out. We had to turn around just before the place we were planning on turning around. So, he almost made it. But, he was too tired to go back so Cameron loaded him in the trailer with Isaac and put his tiny bike over his own handle bars. If people were laughing at the scene of a family of five on the way up the trail, they must have really thought we were crazy on the way back. Oh well, we had fun, anyway.
Just when we got too hot for our jackets the trail got shady and still had some packed snow on the ground. The kids LOVED the "river" (you can see a little sliver of it in the background).It's so pretty here. Not only is there mountains, there's forests, sand dunes, hills, prairie. It's like a perfect mixture of all the best parts of other places.

Isaac loves the bike trailer. He is already like the rest of my boys, I'm afraid; always wanting some kind of adventure.


Colleen said...

How cute! They all look like they are having a grand old time! But I was hoping to see pictures of the mass pile up! J/K, glad you guys enjoyed the sun, looks like we are getting tons more this week! Yay!

Jenn S said...

The boys are darling! What a great day! I can't wait until spring..we aren't so lucky to get such warm days yet!! I bet you are totally missing Iowa! hee, hee

I am laughing about the clown comment about Austin. You are too funny!

shaina said...

That's what we look like when we all go riding to. Looks like a beautiful trail!

Andrea said...

Weather like that is why I love Colorado! I love seeing your whole family out having fun- I can see why they put a smile on everyone's face that day!

Kasey said...

How fun! I love that you had some places without a trace of snow and others that look pretty dang cold. Way to get out there! And yeah, I'm pretty jealous.