Mom's Worst Top Ten

... No pictures - when I'm dealing with this stuff, pictures are usually the last thing on my mind!

10 - sleeping in? what's that?

9 - getting Landon to realize that playing Wii before school will make you late for the bus every time.

8 - vacuuming the floor EVERY time Isaac eats. He's constantly throwing his food. It's a game for him. How do I make him stop - besides sitting right there - you know THAT'S impossible with two other kids.

7 - the smears on my windows and walls and the dirt, grass, food, and broken glass in the vacuum speak for themselves

6 - the stand-off between my baby and I EVERY time I try to wash his face or hands. Imagine two cowboys looking into eachother's eyes, drawing their guns, the music playing in the background, a tumble weed blows by, then one of us strikes - I go in with the washcloth and Isaac covers his face, rubs the goo from his hands into his hair and screams like a banchee.

5 - Austin "playing" with Isaac and somehow pushing him into a wall, dropping him off the couch, or somehow hurting him. And the crying, scolding and more crying that goes along with it.

4 - watching my kids make mistakes. I see my kiddos do things that aren't the best choices. I want them to know how special they are. They don't ever have to do dumb things to fit in, just be the wonderful boys they are. But as they get older they will have to learn this lesson for themselves. Watching it happen (Landon is especially going through this) is tough.

3 - Isaac falling asleep in the car the last 5 minutes of the trip home and then refusing to sleep in his bed. He's awake and CRANKY until dinner time when he can't stand another minute and WE can't stand another minute of his screaming. Cameron or I have to leave our dinner to get cold while we finally get Isaac to his bed.

2 - every drawer in every bathroom is ransaked at any given time during the day - the drawers' contents littered about the house. Or the toilet paper roll unrolled and shredded toilet paper is littered about the house. Or my makeup bag unzipped and the contents thrown in the toilet, tub, shower, or other random places such as Austin's toy bin. Almost always when I close the bathroom doors to keep Isaac out they lock, thanks to my other two bigger boys that like to lock eachother out but forget to UNlock the door when leaving.

And the hands down number 1 worst thing I've ever had to do as a mom - cleaning up throw-up from the van. DISGUSTING... watching, through the rearview mirror, your child litterally "spew" while you're driving down the road and frantically looking for a place to pull over isn't very great either. But cleaning it out of every seat crack, seatbelt, hole where the seats hook in, inbetween the seats, and the booster seat and it's cover, the back of the other seats; not to mention clothes, hair (seriously?) and shoes. No one should ever have to do that. I'd rather change poopy diapers forever than that. It took over two hours plus some tears (on my part) to get everything clean. SO GROSS... plus dealing with Isaac running into the road, climbing into the disgusting van, spilling soapy water all over himself. Not fun. Thankfully Cameron got home in time to at least put everything back together(and clean the shoes) but it was REALLY, REALLY NOT FUN....

Now, that I've read through this I have to admit it seems a little grim - in the coming days I'll definitely be posting a Top Ten Best list just to show that yes, even the puke is worth having these wonderful three boys around. (but again, I could really do without the puke!!)


Brandy and Boyz said...

Oh, man, I am soooo glad you wrote all about this, I always want to! So, not to take away from your story, but, I've been there. Even with the puky van thing... and we were driving back from Denver and had to ride the last 2.5 hours with the smell that wipes couldn't get out!
you are hilarious, even though it doesn't feel funny now!

Colleen said...

I feel like I am reading a post I have just written! Our lives are so similar it's scary! It is all so true, so funny, and so comforting to know someone else knows what I am going through! Even though I wouldn't wish car barf on my worst enemy, much less my good friend!

runningfan said...

Ditto to Colleen's comment...I could have been reading my journal! You're not alone, girl!

my3suns2 said...

I'm so sorry about the puke, especially when you're alone in the car and nobody's there with a bag or bucket or anything. It took me two weeks to get mine cleaned up so kudos to you for getting on that!

Trinette McCrary said...

Bless your heart. I understand how you feel. My friends and family who have teenagers keep saying "just wait until you have teenagers, it gets worse. I always wonder how it could possibly get worse. I believe it will just be different. There is a season for everything. Hang in there, your a wonderful mother.

Maynards said...

Sounds like it is your turn for chocolate covered strawberries and delicious muffins. You are such an awesome mom! Hang in there!

shaina said...

Those are some really great things about being a mom, eh? Good thing we get hugs and kisses to make up for it.

BeyondTheSea7 said...

Oh Kendra....I feel for you! It was hard enough with one (and yes, she did throw up in her car seat!), so I can't imagine keeping up with three. I just want to encourage you--you're such a great mom, and it does get easier. Well, I guess I should say the pukey and poopy stuff gets easier....we just trade them in for other stuff along the way, that's all! And if it's any comfort...Murphy (our dog) once threw up in my open purse in the car on the way home from the vet. That was special. (Argh!) Hang in there....we miss you guys!

Your old Tiffin neighbor,

shauntelle said...

I feel your pain...it flashes me back to our drive to San Diego when Tolkien was throwing up the ENTIRE drive. The worst was when it started coming out the other end and his diaper leaked ALL OVER the carseat. You should have seen us at the truck stop with paper towels all over the place and scrubbing the liner in the bathroom. Fun times.

shay said...

EW! That is bad! I am glad to see that someone else's house looks like a tornado hit when you have a 1 year old roaming around! I really thought we left tornado country when we moved from iowa, but apparently the tornado followed!