{D A R T H} Yes. As in Vader

It's his new theme song.

I heard it when I went looking for him and found that he had dragged the step stool from the downstairs bathroom into Landon's room. His mission: to disassemble each of the *19* "extra-special" Lego creations Landon has displayed on top of his dresser.

I heard it again when I found him dumping the cereal boxes all over the pantry floor, one by one.

And again. He came into my bathroom with some Star Wars "guys" he had pilfered out of Landon's closet. He was humming the tune while he slowly took them apart, leaving a helmet here and a leg there.

In fact he's singing it now; he's supposed to be sleeping, but I can hear the song, and I can hear some toy he managed to sneak into his crib. Or did he somehow get it out of the basket of toys near his crib? Either way. It's almost 10:00pm, he's not sleeping, he's playing with a toy, and he's singing Darth Vader's anthem.

This is how he's happiest. The first thing he does when he wakes up is put on his "football dose". Then when no one's looking he sneaks into Austin's room for a pair of socks (they're easier to pull on over pajamas, I guess). He doesn't eat breakfast with the other two kids because he's noramlly still asleep. So lots of days he gets a Nutrigrain bar in the car on the way to drop off Austin at preschool; the reason for his messy face. If I'm lucky I can coax him out of his football gear, socks, and jammies long enough to change his diaper and put real clothes on him - as long as he can put the socks and costume back on over his clothes. Then the "Darth" really comes out in him and the chaos starts.

Here's a video of him singing his song. It doesn't quite do it justice because, well, he's performing. He's really much better at singing this song when he thinks no one's looking and he's doing something naughty, like squeezing the toothpaste all over the bathroom floor.


runningfan said...

Performance or not...that is completely hilarious!

Sorry for the messes...I totally know what that life is like!

Maynards said...

HAHAHAHA That is great. What a character!

Kerri Whitney said...

I love that you are capturing the little isaacisims I need to be better at that. Just think someday you will miss the mess and little voice humming the song! You are amazing...we're getting excited for your new little one!

my4suns2 said...

Too funny! The kids still think of Isaac as a baby and it's fun to show them pictures of how he's growning up!

shauntelle said...

at least he sings in key! what a cutie...how can you be angry when darth is so cute?