H A L L O W E E N 2009

A week of fun...FUN...fun
class parties, church party, trunk or treat, halloween lunch with friends, halloween officer social with WAY too much food {especially strawberry flavored marshmallows...remember when Isaac ate that W H O L E bag of marshmallows...}, parent teacher conferences, trick or treating, costumes everyday - and hot gluing ninja stars back on a mask that didn't even get worn, and sewing back together a football helmet that got worn W A Y too much, candy, candy, candy

Just before Trick Or Treating Isaac hit his temple onthe tailgate of Cameron's truck. A quick trip to Walmart for butterfly bandages and he was as good as new. You wouldn't believe how many people thought it was part of his costume. It really did add to the "tough football player" look.
got these pictures before the "tailgate incident"!

couldn't resist this picture - looks like he's visualizing the win before the game...

Land-o was SO happy to wear his CLONE TROOPER costume. He did his own hair about three times to make sure no hair would show when his helmet was on.

Austin had a bit of a rough day - he COULD NOT wait for the trick-or-treating to begin and had a hard time channeling his energy... I got ONE picture before he was off and running again. The lighting is off but at least he looks cute! Aust chose his costume based on the cool "light up feature". He's been telling everyone that will listen that his costume lights up. He also LOVES his ninja "battle damage".


Maynards said...

For whatever reason, during our Halloween party this year, I really started missing you guys. (not that I haven't missed you before that)
Good thing for blogs huh!
Your boys look like they are so excited and happy. Cute costumes as well.

MOMSMED said...


Colleen said...

Fun pictures! The boys look great, the costumes are perfect. And I still love your Halloween blocks!

[S Rizzle] said...

Ken-D the blog looks awesome! Hope you are feeling well.

Kasey said...

Seeing your Halloween blocks made me miss yet ANOTHER thing I have in storage that I just can't wait to get back when we move! Love the pics and I'm so impressed with how quickly you blogged about Halloween.
I keep picking up my phone to call you and I haven't changed your number over in my phone from you Iowa one. Grrrr... I will do it right now and call you next time I have a chance. Love ya!

Hillary said...

Great Halloween pictures! The boys look great!