Hapy (...I mean Happy) 2010

We spent New Year's Eve with a few friends. We invited everyone we could find that was in town to come play games and let the kids go crazy. We ate TONS of food and had lots of fun. Only one kid fell asleep before midnight. But, weirdly, the house really wasn't that torn up.

when you buy a banner that says "made in china" on the package, you might end up with one like this.
the kids were WIRED. they sustained themselves on wii, guitar hero, licorice, and sour patch kids, oh, and some noise makers that were meant to be used at the stroke of midnight - should have kept them hidden, they were LOUD

The highlight (or, for me, the lowlight) came around 11:00. In the middle of Cranium my chair totally broke. I didn't quite fall to the ground but I needed help getting up. As if I wasn't already feeling fat and pregnant enough! Seriously! Everyone laughed for quite a while - I laughed until I cried (I might have been crying from embarassment and the shooting pain in my hip but let's just say I cried from laughing so hard ;) )
One guy said, "well can't top that." (plus, we had no more chairs) so the game ended and the guys turned on ESPN. Fine with me!

We rang in the New Year with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest, had a few more drinks and treats and put the kids to bed. Cameron, blessedly, took the chair to the trash and sent me to bed. He cleaned up a little, went to sleep around 1:30, got up with Isaac this morning, and then cleaned up a LOT more.

So far 2010 is looking pretty good - can't beat a husband that does dishes, gives kids breakfast, vacuums, takes out the trash, and cleans up the toys that were everywhere...all while I got to sleep in.


runningfan said...

I'm glad you are making friends and that you had a fun new year's eve!

Can I make a request for a pregnant Kendra picture?

shaina said...

I'm sure your skinny little figure had no part in the chair damage. Just happened to be you sitting in it when it gave up life.
Glad you had a great night. miss you!

Colleen said...

I LOVE the made in China sign! So funny! And you poor girl. I am sure you look cute and perfectly pregnant, but breaking a chair certainly makes a preggy girl feel gigantic! Thank goodness for great husbands and a FUN start to the new year! Wish we had been partying together!

momsmed said...
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Kasey said...

Love the banner. Poor you breaking the chair! It reminds me of the time the missionary broke yours a few years ago. Glad you had a fun party despite the incident! And you're right...nothing beats sleeping in while your husband cleans up for ya!

Hillary said...

I guess you get what you pay for! Love the sign. You really had me laughing with the chair story! Sound like you had a great party, but the after party...aka Cameron's cleanup is what really impressed me!

shauntelle said...

ouch, can you walk yet?