A {GLIMPSE} of our LiVeS through some INTERESTING recent conversations....
*** I went into Landon's room to make sure he was awake and getting ready for school. (I had just rolled out of bed, myself)
L: "Mom. On Zach and Cody Cody said, 'don't say my mom is pretty! You should see what she looks like in the morning!!' I understand what he was talking about now."
*** Background info: we've been watching the "LIFE" series on Discovery - the kids love it and they're learning a lot about animals, including mating rituals. I recently talked to Landon about "where babies come from". I used his health book and told him how the parts fit together and what they do. Nothing more than that - he didn't ask and I didn't tell, except to say that only a husband and wife can have a baby (I guess I need to clarify and say only a husband and wife SHOULD have a baby)....
After looking at our sea monkeys Landon asked if they mate. I told him I was pretty sure they did. Austin asked Landon, "what does that mean? Mate?"
L: "It means when two animals get married, they hold tails so they can lay eggs or have babies"
***Austin, while patting my stomach: "Huh? I don't get it. You don't have a baby in there anymore. Why is it still so big?" [I'd like to know the answer to that too!]
***At Walmart, after asking for at least one thing on every other aisle we'd been on.
A: "Mom! Popsicles! Please, Please, PLLLLEASE..."
M: "no. sorry. everytime I get that kind you guys leave them on the counter to turn them back into juice. They leak all over. I'd rather just buy you juice."
A: "mom. please?"
Random Walmart Customer: "yeah mom. please."
[Is she kidding? I give her a look that I hope says, "thanks but I don't need your help here."]
A: "Mom! Please? I love these kind."
[now it's a bit of a power struggle and I've already given in at least 5 other times earlier in the store and I really feel like I can't give in.]
M: "No Austin."
Random Walmart Customer: "They're just popsicles."
A: "Yeah just popsicles, PLEAAAASE."
M: "Austin. If you didn't ask for something on EVERY aisle I might be able to get them for you. I've already got a ton of stuff just because you asked for it. You can't get everything you want. Stop asking and come on. NOW."
[Dear Random Walmart Lady: while I appreciate that they were only 2 dollar popsicles - multiply that by 3 kids' 10 "2 dollar desires" per shopping trip and add that to how many times I go to the store a week and there you go - I can't afford it. Plus, my kids are really not neglected. In fact they are quite indulged. I don't think they need to be indulged ALL the time. Please just mind your own business.... feels good to get that off my chest!]
***At the pediatricians office for an ENT referal for Landon.
Doc: "looks like he might have some sinus problems that would benefit from ENT. They just drill out the sinus' to make them bigger. Nasty, painful surgery I wouldn't want it."
later after the doctor leaves the room, Landon's eyes fill up with tears.
L: "I don't want surgery!! It's going to hurt. I'm going to have holes in my face!!"
M: "Landon we don't know you need that. The doctor was just saying it was a possibility. He was trying to say you're breathing problems can be fixed. It would be great if you could breath through your nose. But the ENT might know a better way than surgery."
L: "But he said!!! And even he wouldn't want it. And every one will see the holes in my face..."
[uh, hello? doctor? why would you say that? just wondering]
***M: Austin put that lotion on your itchies but don't get any on my bed, k?
Isaac [said in that sing song playground mockery voice]: ha ha I just got lotion on your bed!! [that kid is a R-A-S-C-A-L sometimes. lotion on my dry clean only bedspread and pillow sham... I swear he did it just because I told Austin not to. grrrr...]
*** after looking at the bank account...
Cameron: $200.00 at Costco, huh?
Me: "two kids in diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, turkey sausage [the only protein Austin's not allergic to and will eat in the mornings] fruit, soy milk, string cheese. Believe me, there's a lot of other stuff I'd rather spend the money on too!"
***while eating breakfast after fighting ALL morning:
L: "Austin I love ya"
A: "I love ya too Landon"


runningfan said...

Great snapshots of everyday life! Sorry about the Walmart Crazy Lady and the ENT...what are they thinking??

Jessi said...

Don't you just love unwanted advice. The I love you's are very sweet.

Kasey said...

That first one by Landon is hilarious! I love all these. And the lady in Walmart...are you kidding me? But I'm glad to hear that my kids aren't the only ones who drive me nuts every time we go to the store with all the asking for things! Doesn't it drive you crazy?!

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness, Walmart lady! What a jerk! And the doctor...seriously?! Has he ever worked with kids before?!!! I just spent $240 at Costco yesterday, you're not alone and I don't even have to deal with food restrictions like you do. At least there's lovin' mixed in with the stress :).

Brandy and Coby said...

I spent way more than you at costco! But, I bought a camera! anyway, Walmart Lady, I'm coming to Walmart next time you're there, and I'm gonna tell my kid, in front of you ~"oh, ok, you can have them, cuz she's gonna buy them for you, and then clean up the mess after too!" I luv ya girl, you just summed up my everyday conversations, except the grown up kid talk, that's coming for me!
(My kids still think that the baby came from something I ate, and that it sqeezed out of my belly button)

shauntelle said...

seriously? i can't believe the wal-mart lady...would any of us butt into a converstaion between someone and their kids? and the dr.....must not be trained as a pediatrician, eh? how did you hold your tongue?