Happy {HEART} Day: Love Notes

This past month has been, how you say?... CRAY-Z. No really. I've had to dedicate almost ALL of my time to keeping family happy and healthy - which isn't really that different than normal except, usually I have time to at least breathe... but the last few weeks, well they've just been TWICE or maybe THRICE as busy as normal.
So, this morning, I wanted to take some time out. Make the day a little more special, and "valantinesy". So I got up a little earlier to make red smoothies and heart-shaped waffles. When Landon came downstairs dressed in his Valentines-Best, I smiled. He looked adorable and was oozing excitement for the day; I just wanted to give him a hug. So I did...and then I took a picture. And then I decided, today is the day I'm going to make time to put up a little blog post to tell all the people that keep me so busy, just why it's so worth it.

Land-O: I love you cuz you are so determined to "get it right". You have a great imagination. You take good care of your brothers, especially when you get to spend time with them one on one. You work hard to do things that you want to do, even if those things don't come naturally. You know what you like: I always know what to get you for birthdays and holidays. You love when we do something "special". You make me smile with your long-winded stories that have so so many details. You have such compassion. You have the ability to set the tone in our house. I couldn't ask for a better first-born. Some of my VERY favorite things to do in the whole world are to listen to you play the piano and to watch you play sports. You are wonderful, I love you. Thank you for being you. love, Mom

Austin: I love you! You make me laugh every.single.day. Your enthusiasm for life makes me excited to live it with you. You have this amazing ability to sense what will make someone happy and do it. You are a big big helper. I know if I need someone to do something for me, you will be the first in line..and you always do it right away. I've loved watching you learn to read. I am amazed when you read verse after verse in the scriptures and only missread a few words. You are strong, so strong. When I take you to school the other kids are always excited to show you what they brought, or get you to come play with them. You know how to make people feel special; what a gift. I love you and I am so happy you are my Austin-Boy. love, Mom

My Zacky-boy: I love you so much, little dude. You make every day an adventure. I think your preschool teacher said it best, "he makes my day everytime he comes in the door!" You have so much passion that your feelings just leap off you. I {almost always!} love that you sing all.the.time. You are so determined to never be left behind, not for a second. I know you will go far in life, because you will not take no for an answer. When you give me a hug and then run away laughing, I can't help but feel happier. I love you. love, Mom

And you, Little Miss: I love you, Ella-girl. How far you've come in a year. My world was completed the day you were born. Your easy going baby ways make me feel peaceful and content. You smile all the time. And I always feel happy when I see it. You are just starting to stand up for seconds at a time - you smile and clap for yourself. It is so fun watching you. I love that you follow me around like a little puppy. I try so hard not to miss any minute of you. I love you, baby-girl. love, Mom

And yes, even you, Cameron, get a little love note today: this is the most recent picture I have of you and I love it because it shows some of your best qualities. I love how you (as much as possible) include the kids in your daily doings. You can make the boys think ANYTHING is fun. And you know how to have fun. You also know how to work. Hard. I appreciate you, my other half. We give each other balance. Together we have a life and a family. I am so lucky to have you. love, Kendra
Wishing you all a very happy Valentines Day with the people that keep you busy, and keep you going.


Coby said...

oh, I love these love notes, it made me teary. So sweet, well put and made me miss all of them...
Love you girl...
and this is why...
You are creative, dedicated, you never give up on anyone, hard working, loving, intelligent, very grounded, spiritual, and seem to be able to sacrifice your whole self for your family.
I'd love to live closer, but, then again I might hate seeing someone so perfect all the time..!

Coby said...

That was actually from Brandy.. aaah, he always logs me out on MY computer!